Monday, May 25, 2009

Let the WSOP Madness Begin

After completing my second job this morning as a semi-professional part-time card fluffer and rinsing out all the bad puns out of my mouth that I could throw at an online poker tournament, what is a man to do at 4am?

Watch Youngblood until the sex scene with the fire and water bottle being used as a prop while the mother hen brings down the tea and realizes she doesn't get to ride on the Lowe express any longer.

No wife and kids right now as my feet are up, the weather is shooting out yet another perfect day which have my size twelves checking out the three ball left-to-right break on the green at the local muni. Normally there would be an itch to peel back cards, but great weather shouldn't be spoiled by listening to the sound of an Omaha rock take a pull off his cherry-flavored oxygen tank while wheezing when raising on the river after getting the nuts for the first time in two hours.


After watching and writing about the big Sunday tourneys at Stars for almost a year now, I still do not understand why you would play great poker for 10 to 11 hours straight, get down to three or four and start shoving 25+BBs preflop with any card over a jack like its a $2.20 super turbo tournament. You're not playing for lunch money unless your lunch is at some Monte Carlo restaurant that gives happy ending in the washroom before receiving the mint.

Good luck to the real writers sitting in media row out at the WSOP. Pauly is set to eclipse his 2005 and 2008 series (recap of last year found here). Al is wheels up and ready to destroy the SoCo stash at the Amazon Room for Full Tilt (you can of course find him at Poker From the Rail as well). I'll be out there the last week of June in a non-working, drinking/gambling capacity dragging their writing corpses across the street to Gold Coast hopefully to revive their batteries a bit with some last night bowling or Pai Gow.

And if you want to read my drivel, go here for the Sunday Million recap and the Sunday Warm-up recap at PokerStarsBlog.

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