Friday, May 15, 2009

Quick Hits Friday Edition

A couple of quick hits as my weekend of perpetual motion will begin with my wife beating my ass on the raquetball court this afternoon.

I suck. Damn those blue balls!

Pokerlistings with their awesome WSOP coverage last year is going to be filling a seat at a prelim event with the fine posterior of one of us lowly poker bloggers!

The Run Good Challenge is back! Unfortunately for me, it begins tomorrow which I've filled with a half-mile Kiddy Run for Wyatt and Kyra at the Como Zoo, then a funeral for my wife's grandfather (met the man twice in eleven years), and finally off to a softball tournament where my work team seems more like a bunch of ringers playing in a lower division. They've won their first three games with a cummulative score of 85-31. The teams they've beat? All at 2-1.

Ouch. Playing the "lower half" of the talent pool might require a pre-game six-pack to make it competitive.


For your daily dose of Favre-gasm... Brett goes to the doctor to get his arm checked. Any chance I could slide Dr. Anderews a fiver to snip where he should have stitched?


Volunteered at Wyatt's school today for their "Super Kids Day" (think Track and Field day). Had a smile on my face the entire time. My booth had three sixth grade helpers for the sockball throw.

The object was to toss three yarn-balls (colored yellow and red, personally I would have went with periwinkle and mauve) at a plank of wood holding up used milk cartons and knock them down. Sure, there was a couple of mouth breathers that will end up trying to avoid police using Heeleys while stealing a 99 cent Slim Jim from Kenny's Market, that tried to ruin the fun. But for the most point the kids loved it especially trying to watch the balls being thrown back to the tallest guy on the field in the Twins shirt and catching/holding all six.

If I ever had to wonder what keeps a teacher in those positions? I'd say its the students who show up to learn, to play, to move forward, to better themselves even if their limitations keep them earning less than straight As.

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