Friday, May 29, 2009

He's Not Worth 10 Cent Chew Spit

Sportscenter "Cold Hard Facts" this morning:

"Brett Favre not in Vikings mini-camp mean anything?"

Seriously? People get paid six figures to drum-up jello hitting sports journalism questions like that?

I'll take a wild stab and say it means he's not playing, doesn't plan on playing, and the Vikes do not want him to play. Favre can go on with a wedge of Kodiak Wintergreen in his cheek planting a row of snap peas while listening to Peter King twitter alerts.

"Tom Brady back-up plans"

Everyone in the Northeastern United States cries if the world most un-eligible bachelor's knee goes down like George Washington's tree and he ends up nailing a supermodel twice a night instead of once for physical therapy.


Almost forgot to thanks StB's Brewers for funding part of the Chicago trip next month. Salut!


WSOP mandatory reading list stolen from Al who was up late railing a certain low roller as he won a 90 man tourney, finished 2nd in a 45 man, final tabled a Razz MTT, and finished 93 out of 2,000+ in the Midnight Madness this morning.

I rule!

Blog reading during the WSoP:
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For Twitter-rific folks on the suggestion of Pauly, Annie Duke's feed is damn funny.

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