Monday, May 04, 2009

The warm wrap of relaxation

Spring time again for the first time in a long time but not the last time. Everyone has a place they go to recharge from the doucherockets that attempt to pry on your sanity at work by placing that spreadsheet on your desk with just minimal direction as what needs to be done that you sit and stare at it like the cells just ate your dog.

Much like your wife, these people assume you have ESP and already had the report hammered out in your mind by the time they’re back at their desk playing Bejeweled Blitz trying to beat out that TV station news director’s newest hi-score he attained during the five o’clock broadcast. But, those people were not in attendance at my home away from home this weekend, instead it was filled with family and friends who know how to grill animals with just the right amount of barbeque sauce and can successfully take an alone-bid to the house playing Euchre while sipping hastily created alcoholic beverages.

The sun was out, the wind was out, stress was gone. The bonfire was set to stare into sometimes alone, sometimes with debating the latest nanny-state abomination in my favorite place to live. The red-hot coals readied for popping corn or to formulate elaborate caverns for miniature spelunkers to explore while avoiding nasty trollocs and dark elves in search for the +5 Blade of Awesomeness.

There’s no schedule to follow except to pour the Captain Morgan in first over the ice, stir in the Coke and dash with a little lime on top when the glass needed a refill. Choosing to immerse myself into the fantasy world of a good book, or try to get my boy to understand that he shouldn’t try to become the first six year old DH and learn how to field a grounder. Those are the only choices at the cabin.

We’ll have to wait until Memorial Day weekend to fire up another marathon game of Chinese Poker with the crackle of embers just below the steps. “Something to look forward to” as another busy week begins.

My personal favorite of this past weekend? Being able to hold a conversation without saying "what?" every second word. The gift of hearing will continue to be unwrapped and cherished each time I get to open it.


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