Monday, February 21, 2005

All work and no play.... well maybe a little play

Calling out to bloggers... how do I get the old "comments" section off my template so I can use Haloscan only? I suck at the internet :(

The new house is looking fab-tab-ulous. It still feels like we're staying overnight at a nice hotel but because of all my friends and family hard work we're completely moved in!

Friday - we started out in Edina signing off the papers for our old house and managed to sit the office for two hours. There was some bickering about how we offered to pay so much in closing cost and the closing cost were under that amount but they still wanted us to pay the full amount offered (following me so far?). I didn't really care since we did offer to pay the full in the first place so after drafting a personal check everyone was happy. I was getting a little edgy since my parents had some Leeann Chin's sesame chicken and cream cheese puffs waiting. Because of our unexpected length of time at the Edina office we only had 5 minutes to enjoy the wonderful goodness of Leeann Chin's.

After inhaling lunch it was time to buy the new house. The previous owner was a petite blonde single mother who was moving to Ooooooooklahoma (do people still live there? Just kidding Maudie) due to a job transfer. This time things went smoothly except for the fact that I had writers block mid-way through signing the papers and forgot how to use my signature. Sigh. After some rather interesting self-forgeries of my own signature we received the keys to our new home (I'll take some pictures this week)! With the help of my friends and family we managed to get all the furniture and unload a 24 foot truck in an hour and a half (must have been the promises of warm beer and leftover hot dish). Because of all the hard work we were able to make it up to Alleygator's/Spectrum lanes for 2 for 1's!!! A couple of my friends branched off to go up to Grand Casino in Hinckley (I'll be asking them about the new poker room up there) but the rest were welcome to hit up my tab for some drinks. One of them got shots of Rumple Minze (this is after drinking warm beer during the move), least to say it didn't go down as smoothly as it did during AlCantHang's Minnesota appearance. Add on four Cap'n Cokes and I was ready to bowl. I don't remember much except for being very loud and everyone seemed to be having a good time too. I bowled the best series and single game ever for myself! 178 - 246 - 266 = 690 series. And in the last game I threw 11 out of 12 strikes including 10 in a row. I gave a roar with the fist pump after each strike. I was a drunken mess but hey, I needed to let loose after a long week. Thankfully I invested $8 in the high game pot and won the last 2 games and series for a $72 take. It covered the tab plus a little extra. +EV indeed!

Saturday - We spent the whole day unpacking, I spent most of the day avoiding the wife since my head felt like mush and I don't think I could take any confrontations. Luckily she felt the same and kept to her own projects and organized things while I just moved the heavy stuff. Comcast booted up my internet connection in the morning but there's no time to bonus whore when there's dishes to put away! Sigh.

Around five we set off for a friend's wedding that looked to my catered by Al (pictures coming soon). I couldn't help but praise the couple's originally. It sucked that we knew all of 5 people and I couldn't even look at a beer, so we stayed for the toast and hightailed it home to do some more unpacking around nine at night.

Sunday - I'm sure Chris H. was up at 5 am drooling over the pre-race shows on ESPN and The Speed Channel for the Daytona 500 but I had to be woken up by a screaming Little Drizz who needed someone to make breakfast for him around 9 ish. After some eggs and sausage I decided to play a little poker before people came over to help finish off the move. One word: yuck. I played like a calling station on tilt after just one bad beat. Calling down middle pairs, two pairs on a 4 flush/straight board, even trying to bluff out 5 people on the river on a scary board with jack high (cue Elix Powers). Just udder and complete no-brain play that probably got me listed as a fish on Paradise and Pokerroom (if that's possible). Down $100 at Pokerroom after a stupid stint of Baccarat tilt I resigned from playing... for at least a couple hours :P After making a few decorating suggestions to my wife and getting a dirty look I plopped down to watch the last 30 laps of the Daytona 500 with my dad who used to race cars. Damn those guys have no fear! 188 MPH and driving like they going to miss the PTA meeting and junior's soccer game if they don't pass Tony Stewart. Jeff Gordon prevailed as you've probably read in the papers, and gotta say the rule with not finishing under a yellow flag... very cool. Finishing under a yellow flag would be like giving an intentional walk in the bottom of the ninth with a game tied and bases loaded. Awesome finish.

After everyone left and the boxes have all been put away, I sat down for a nice two session hoping to learn from this morning's tilt-a-whirl play. And the deck hit me in the face. At Pokerroom: +10BB $.50/$1 NLHE, +17BB $.50/$1 NLHE, +5BB $1/$2 LHE, and the best one +44BB $2/$4 LHE. That $2/$4 table was just giving away money, a lot of it was blind steals, but 2 nut flushes in a row plus a nut straight made me a very happy man. All the players were very passive and wiggled out of my comfort zone to apply the pressure. I made back all that was lost in the afternoon plus $70. I wish I'd have more gas in the tank to continue playing that $2/$4 table but I felt the tiredness come on, and resigned to bed before I started becoming a calling station again.

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