Thursday, February 24, 2005

Its like waving a box of twinkies in front of a fat kid on a diet

ENOUGH ALREADY! Good god people. I was a happy, little bonus whore at the beginning of the week. Gleefully chipping away at bonuses from Paradise and Pokerroom. Then Grubby comes out with a Multipoker reload bonus. I say to myself "Party skin bonuses are easy enough to clear, why not hit this one quick?". So, I load up $375 drop it down on Multipoker and cash out the next night with the bonus, plus $45. Not bad. Then, I get to work on Wednesday morning and Sound of a Suckout reports a rare Interpoker reload bonus. Ok, I don't have my money back from Multipoker yet, but I have enough for the max 25% up to $100 with bonus code Feb25. So, when I get home I check back on his site to make sure I had the proper code and instead of the Interpoker post, I see a post about PartyPoker offering a reload bonus starting tomorrow. And Pokerroom is offering 30% up to $300 with bonus code Monaco (double check Sound of a Suckout for details).

[Insert sound effects of head exploding]

After picking up pieces of brain matter on the floor, I check my Netteller account once again to see that I'm down to ~$500. Not enough for the max bonus on Party at the moment %20 up to $200 starting tomorrow... I didn't pick up the piece of my brain that contained the bonus code so check Scurvy's stie for details. All this plus the monthly Crypto bonuses I still need to hit up. Can I get that twinkie yet? Sheesh.

I saw America's Favorite Wingman on Yahoo messager and found out some esteemed bloggers were engaged in a H.O.R.S.E tournament on Full Tilt (which I signed up thru HDouble's site). And watched Felicia and Badblood playing Razz (wheel Ace - Five is the best hand, as I found out last night) and some limit Omaha hi/low. Wish Party would have tourneys like this, playing NLHE all the time for tourneys gets boring. While sweating BB, G-Rob from some site called Up For Poker asked if I'd like to take his money at a NLHE table. I would have happily obliged but alas my poker funds have been stretched further then that dude from the Fantasic Four. So, I just joined the conversation while still 3-tabling Intertops (cleared 1/2 the bonus last night whoo whoo!).

I did get to catch a little bit of the WPTs "Poker By the Books" tourney before resigning to bonus whore hell in my basement. Seeing Mike Caro, David Sklansky, and WPTs Mike Sexton play was definitely a treat. I wish I could remember some hands but with the thoughts of "raked hand requirements" took most of what's left of my memory bank.

Today involves some more moving of furniture so hopefully I won't be too tired tonight to finish off Intertop's bonus and scrape together enough for the PartyPoker bonus tomorrow (no work means all-day bonus whoring YEAH!). Yes the thoughts of more poker bonuses makes me drool like a teenage boy who just got the latest Victoria Secret's catalog. Now go read something worth while, have a good day folks :)

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