Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Not all players are idiots

Give credit where credit is due, don't understimate your opponent, (add a well-meaning cliche here)

Even though it was only one hand (that did cost me half of a stack) I got out-played. With T8o in the BB I checked with 5 callers to see a flop of 8 - 6 - 2 rainbow. Betting $4 lost all of the limpers except the button who min-raised to $8. I called to see another 8 fall on the turn. I checked, button checked. The river was a blank and I bet $10, the button immediately goes all-in. Since I was in semi-tilt mode steaming from getting bounced in the WSOP freeroll (KK vs. AQ and an ace spiked on the river), I didn't even think about the flop raise, or the possiblity of a set. Sure enough he turns over 66 for the boat. I was playing fairly well for the remainder of the night despite two bad beats (flush hit by runner-runner boat and AA cracked by runner-runner straight) . Eh, that's poker and I'll be back for another round tonight. Probably play more at Pokerroom tonight and try to clear that bonus by the end of the week before going back to Absolute to tackle the large deposit bonus I have waiting for me there.

Random thoughts:

To become more successful at internet poker (especially if you hop around different websites), you need the ability to change your game fast and adapt to different table textures "on the fly". Even if you're only play at one site and three tables those three tables can have grossly different games going on. For example, last night one table's normal raise was $9 and get 3 callers, another table it was ok to min-raise pre-flop (which I never did) and get 6 callers, and third table it wasn't uncommon for one small raise to take the blinds every hand. Its good money maker/saver if you adjust your play to the table rather then expect everyone to adjust to your style (or they could be so kind to throw away that K5o when you throw out a raise of 6XBB with QQ in your hand and they hit trips on the flop). It is my belief that the ability to change to table textures quickly is why the "internet" players have been successful at the WSOP lately. The only problem I could see is patience for these players. When you're used to seeing 3 flops at the same time 3 times as quickly I'm sure most "internet" players would prefer to be busting out a game of Super Mario Bros. on their phones in between hands rather then studying their opponents.

Time for the 9 to 5 (or for me the 6:00am to 4:30) grind. Good luck to everyone :)


Dr. Pauly said...

Good call about adjusting your style on the fly. You have to be able to know when to push full throttle and when to wait in the weeds... and be able to do each hand to hand!!

Drizztdj said...

Doc, are you talking about poker or drinking with Al? :D