Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I'd play in more tournaments but...

... going to work the next morning with three hours asleep just doesn't appeal to me anymore. Down 5-6 Cap'n Cokes, play 3 games of Golden Tee, and dance for 2 hours then get up to work the next morning used to be a snap. Well this old man can't even give a dog a bone with less then six hours of sleep anymore. Add in a very cranky Little Drizz, moving to a new house in two days and you've got the receipe for collapsing at work. I'm going to try one of those "energy" drinks today and see if that can carry me through the workday since I don't drink coffee or Mountain Dew. This poker martyr is putting himself through the rack for his readers just to bring a small, ill-written snippet of poker lore.

Are you almost excited yet? Well, wipe that damn smirk off your face first and plunge ahead with me.

First stop was Paradise Poker and tackling more of their unsurpassed (at least for this site) $200 re-load bonus. I whipped up tables of limit hold em (since NL doesn't seem to clear the bonus as quickly) and proceeded to play two - $1/$2 tables and one - $2/$4 table. All three tables seemed fairly soft with a couple of LAGs at the $2/$4 and a decent player that skinned me a couple of times when I wasn't paying attention. One such hand... I decided to break my rock mode at this table and play T9s 3 off the button. With six callers we saw a flop of 7 8 3 with the 7 and 8 being my suit. BB bets, UTG raises, decent player calls, I call (should have raised here), button calls, SB folds, BB calls. Now the 4 of hearts drops completing my straight, but with all those cold-callers I couldn't help but think I was drawing dead to a straight flush. SB checked, UTG bet, decent player called, I raised, the button re-raised!, SB folded, UTG called, decent player caps it!!!, and for some idiot reason couldn't let go of my flush. A blank fell on the river, I typed "I'll pay off your Ace high flush", sure enough AJh for the decent player and Q6h for the button. Third best, bleh. That didn't bother me too much for losing but rather for getting out-played and not tossing my hand away when I knew I was beat.

The next three hands in a row on another table sent me into a tilt-induced frenzy. 66 with three callers and a flop of 9 6 3 rainbow. I bet out and get raised, someone folded, I flat call. Turn brings another 9 (full house whoo whoo!!), I bet out and get raised, I re-raise, both called 3 bets to see.... another 9. Seeing that my boat was now counterfeited I still bet out and sure enough some yidiot playing 98o UTG raises me and takes home the pot. Next hand KK to see a K 5 4 flop with two spades, turn 8 of spades, river J of spades... Qs2h takes home the pot. Called me down with only one spade and nothing on the flop and no I didn't slowplay, sigh. I know I know cry me a fuckin river. If that wasn't enough next hand I get 44 in the BB and see a ragged 8 high flop so I bet out and get one caller, turn gives me an inside straight draw so I fire again and get called, the river is a king so I checked and the other guy wakes up to bet with.... AK (no raise pre-flop). Not.... very.... happy... refrain... from... kicking... the.... cat.... I closed out all of the tables and slammed down a tall glass of cranberry juice since that's the only thing that wasn't boxed up (animal aren't I?). Fired up a $50 NL table and luckily caught AA on my third hand a board of K Q 2 brought some concern (especially considering my cards to this point), I fired off a 1/2 pot size bet and got one caller, a Q on the turn made me happy that the wife and Little Drizz were not in the room as I said some rather choice words to the poker gods. I checked and the callers checked behind me. I'm getting slow-played but I'll call his river bet because I'm stupid and on tilt. A blank comes on the river, I check, he bets out $10 into a $25 pot, it looked like a value bet from a boat but like I said I was beyond rational thought at this point and I called to see him turn over.... KTo. Wheeeeeeeeee, happy again. Satisified with my pull of the slot machine I stayed on for an orbit and folded away to leave with a $30 profit, at making a dent into my limit disaster (and cleared another $20 off the bonus).

I looked at the clock at it was 8:30pm and I promised myself I'd stay up a little later so I fired up Pokerroom to play off some more hands over there. Server problems all night with the cash ring games made it [use Teddy KGB's voice here] "sooooooooo unsatisifying". Remembering another little promise to myself (play more tourneys) I fired up a $10+$1 NLHE that was starting in 5 minutes. Since there was only 50 entries I figured it wouldn't take very long.... until 106 more little brats decided to join at the last minute. Sigh....

Tourney re-cap will have to wait till I get home and check my hand histories, but I can say it was worth staying up for.

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