Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I feel like a Jenga tower after 30 minutes of playing

Just one more block moved the wrong way and I'm going to snap. I found out its my old job I am going back to. I liked my old job with the only exception being the "goal" structure. Basically its a crap shoot as to whether or not you reach your goal, you could be the hardest working, most detailed person, and not get the big juicy claims to reach your goal. Sigh.

Then I get a phone call that my brother is in the hospital because he was pissing a lot of blood. Today he's undergoing a colonoscopy to find out if anything is wrong. He wasn't in the most jovial mood yesterday when we tried to cheer him up but who would be if you don't like random objects shoved up your ass. In the same hospital my wife's grandfather is getting raditation treatment to reduce some cancerous cells on his lungs so he can breathe easier. Unfortunately, this is only for comfort not eradication of the cancer as he's stated he won't go through anymore surgery. And a good friend of mine decided over the weekend to fall sleep behind the wheel and did a General Lee impersonation into a telephone poll about 10-15 feet off the ground. He broke his back but from the last update he wasn't paralized. What a crappy week!

At least the weekend is looking to be fun... a wedding of my best friend's brother, and of course a SuperBowl party complete with poker games!! Anything to get my mind off the shitty run of luck health and poker-wise lately. No Irish Car Bombs, but me and the Cap'n will be sailing together plenty this weekend.

Pokerroom was having connectivity problems last night as everyone was complaining about the slow times. Aces cracked twice and only taking a couple of short stacks when I hit the nuts made for a small loss overall. The "points" sure are tough to rack up, I was 4 tabling for almost 2 hours and only got 150 points. You need 1400 points to clear the bonus, which luckily doesn't expire until the end of March. I may need that long to clear it at this point.

I've been putting off making my SuperBowl picks until I get a clear head but with the "air quality alert" in Minnesota (What... the... fuck...) I won't be breathing easily for the next few days. When did the Cities turn into LA? Is polution really a problem in the land of 10,000 lakes and 4 million Andersons/Andersens? Should Sven and Ole be worried about getting black lung while ice fishing?

Enough negativity, I'm going to go take a chill pill and get to work, later :)

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ScurvyDog said...

That's a whole lot of bad beats to endure. Sorry about all that.