Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Bonus whoring once again

Sigh. Is it a sign of addiction when you have 5 bonuses pending at the same time and you pick up another one? I have bonuses pending at Absolute, UB, Pokerroom, Paradise, and now because of Grubby's report two bonuses at Multipoker.

The Absolute bonus is on ice at the moment since I need money for the Vegas trip coming up in 26 days (yes I'm counting because once again its freckin cold here). UB takes a round-trip to Saturn to clear so that's on the back-burner as well. Paradise, I've been chipping away at since I finally found the tables that clear the bonuses there faster (I'll have a little "guide" coming out once I have some time at home to write). As for Pokerroom, I still haven't quite figured out how to optimize my bonus clearing there but with only 280 points left to clear for a $200 payday, I'm almost ready to try 7 tabling (I believe this is the maximum amount you can have open) to speed it along.

This leaves the unexpected tangent of the Multipoker bonus. As you've may have noticed, Party-skin's bonuses are some of the easiest to clear since its not a pre-determined amount of rake to count. Therefore, 90% of the hands in a NL or PL game are raked and count towards clearing the bonus. To put this in perspective, I 4 tabled $25NL games on Multipoker for 1.5 hours last night and cleared 250 hands. The same amount of time on Pokerroom would have cleared 100 hands or "points" at a similar level (actually less since you need to have .50 raked and need to play $1/$2 NL or $1/$2 limit to consistantly get that rake). So, if you're out there trying to build a bankroll, Party-skins are where you should be.

One minor/major rant from some assy play last night (besides my usual assy play of course). While in MP, I limped in with KQo in a $25NLHE game, button limped and both blinds called. Flop: A K J with the A and J of diamonds. The blinds checked, and I threw out a $3 bet to see where I was at. Folded around to the BB who was a bit of a pre-flop all-in artist and has shown down some rather weird/weak hands. He check-raised me the minimum, had this been a tighter player I'd laid down my second pair without further thought, but instead I flat called. The turn was a glorious T of hearts, he checked and I pushed him all-in with a pot size bet of around $15. The clock started ticking on him and suddenly the last card (a blank) came out without him folding/calling and he still had cards in front of him. The pot got pushed to me, but this little angle-shooter just disconnect/reconnected on purpose in the middle of the hand to get a free showdown.

Not. Happy.

I'm aware this may be a semi-common occurance but this sort of angle-shooting only hurts the internet poker realm. Since I was new to that site last night I didn't report anything but rather fired off some childish flames just because I can be an internet thug. Gotta represent yo! Sigh. I hope that fucker gets attacked by a rabid rabbit on the way to middle-school this morning.


SSG Geezer said...

There are a few tables that say (No DP) for no disconnect protection. If they are disconnected they fold if they are required to bet to see the showdown.
The play is just as bizzarre as normal but at least the cheezy dirtbags can't pull that crap.

Drizztdj said...

And if he was truly disconnected how did he magically re-connected in time for the next hand? People like this need to get kicked in the junk.