Monday, February 14, 2005

Something old, something new

I'm back at my old/new job. Nothing much to report yet since I have no phone and wasn't able to log on to my computer all morning. Its comfortable to back in my old department, I hope that my interest for the job doesn't wane as I did find audit to be a challenge for me prior to leaving.

Spent yesterday pouting like a 3 year old who got his cookie taken away for not finishing his supper. Why you may ask? Frankly I have no clue, I just felt pissy all day yesterday. It wasn't because of a bad run at poker. It could be that my son is still cranky from fighting a cold all week and not getting to view his Elmo's World DVD for the 23rd time. My sister-in-law and best friend dropped by, but I didn't want to see them yesterday. We played Mexican Train dominios which can be fun but very frusterating since there's only a few strategies you can apply besides selecting the right dominios (I finished dead last and got even more into a funk).

But today is a new day and a new job. This time I hope to do things right and instead of just coming to work to enjoy it! What's the sense of working if you can't enjoy even one thing that you do? I suppose I could 5 table $1/$2 limit hold em for 10 hours a day 7 days a week and grind out enough for "full time job". But would that be fun? Nyet. Attitude adjustment is definitely something I've been needing for a while now. Granted some stressful things have been happening in my world lately (brother in the hospital, wife's grandpa's death, moving into a new house, moving back to my old job, getting AA all-in vs. TT and getting rivered) Strike the last one, but it still hurt.

I promise some poker content this week if my re-training doesn't take all day. I've been doing my whining then publishing solid content lately and for that I apologize. I'm sure my semi-wittyness (good made-up word?) will return once we unpack the boxes in the new Casa De Drizz.

Its Valentine's Day! Make sure you hug your significant other and kiss some fishes on PartyPoker for donating enough to you to take your wife out for dinner tonight.

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