Tuesday, April 04, 2006

-EV Playing for +EV Experience

Thank you Iggy for the all the play you’ve given us in these WSOP tourneys. Never before have I played an online MTT and not felt compelled to play like a push monkey. Even though I played craptastically and didn’t adjust when I needed to, I learned more about deep stack play and my lack of patience that hurt me in the end. I don’t expect to do well in these tourneys as my “game” isn’t one suited for tournament play. I understand tournament strategy and incorporate it but often I’m left wondering “what could I have done better?”

I’m an extremely patient poker player while playing cash games. Not weak, not loose unless you count the penny tables of course, then I’ll LAG it up. But, last night I made a fold without thinking it through (yes Jordan, I would have called) and it derailed my night. I have no one but to blame myself for opening up another table after playing solid poker for almost four hours and not paying full attention to the action when it mattered at the end. Dem are the breaks, at least for once I can blame myself instead of some bad beat like I laid on someone with AQ vs. AK.

I will be playing in the Team USA Minnesota qualifier on PokerStars (thanks Otis for mentioning it) this evening and trying not to mirror my horrid performance last night. Oh man I just used the word performance while describing poker play. Ugh. That sounds so pompous for someone like me who plays as a hobby and has zero “going pro” aspirations. Yeah, it would be cool to play at the WSOP just once, and its nice to purchase a “poker trophy” (like my iPod and laptop), but I have no reality breaks that I’m no better then an average player. I am Al Newman, I am that 3rd line Center on a hockey team, I am a B- student. For now, I’m ok with that as I do make a little profit from this game and enjoy the playing itself as I’ve always loved card games.

This introspection is brought to by the letter “P” for PUSSY!

I know I need to kick myself in the vagina and stop whining. It’s a bad habit.

Good luck to whoever won last night the seats last night, and give thanks to Iggy for ponying up the difference to send not one but TWO bloggers to the big dance.

Thanks for dropping by, now what’s your line here:

You enter your parent’s home after moving out 8 years ago and are led to your old bedroom to be confronted by your Catholic mother about a condom (ribbed for her pleasure) that was found in the ceiling panel.

Do you:

a) Admit to being cautious about safe sex and purchasing the condom
b) Admit to using the condoms to jerk off with because it “felt different”
c) Exclaim “holy shit I hope you didn’t find my stash of Adam and Eve catalogs and Hustler magazines that I had up there”
d) Deny ever having sex prior to marriage resorting to “finger blasting” only with dates
e) Deny its yours and claim its your younger sister's causing an awkward moment

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