Thursday, April 13, 2006

I Am A "Special" Poker Player

Ok, maybe not as "special" as those described by JoeSpeaker at the $10 Paradise rebuy tourney last night.

And for those scoring at home:

Twinkies: 2
Ken Macha's Second String T-Ball Team: 0

Ship it!!!

When I play on Wednesdays it is to “relax” and have fun. Tournaments to me are just that, they are NOT a bankroll builder as I am a very poor tournament player. Sadly, I only cashed in my smallest buy-in tourney of the night wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

- First tourney was a shootout for the million dollar guarantee at Stars, I clung onto a short stack for the majority of the time, bowing out 3rd at my table when someone limped with AKo and I caught top pair of kings and a four flush with KQ (flush didn’t make it there). Thank you sir for your passive play, may I have another?

- Second tourney was a two dollah tourney at Stars where I couldn’t get someone to lay down his TPNK on a four flush, four to a straight board (he held neither). Don’t make plays against someone who doesn’t understand it. Just bad play by me again.

- Third was promising for awhile, a $33 PLO8 MTT at Full Contact Poker, I was cruising along in the top ten for most of the tourney until I suffered back to back runner-runner flushes against shorter stacks. After the first break, I got frisky with an AKT3 (suited ace of course) due to the beats and bowed out quickly to someone playing a similar hand… but catching another runner runner flush. I saw a couple of places for my improvement, so I might take another shot at this tourney next week as the field is fairly small with minimal amounts of decent players.

The last tourney was another dollah tourney but at Party, and I managed a THREE AMERICAN DOLLARS PROFIT finishing 55th out of 1066! That statement alone requires bold letters and possibly a block party featuring some American Idol rejects. Is William Hung doing anything these days? This tourney showed once again that it is required to suckout at least once to make the money. In over three hours I did not get AA, AK, QQ, or even JJ. I got KK once (and got paid off), the rest was steals and a lucky suckout while short stacked. A cash is a cash though, I’ll take it.

But it also shows why I usually stick with the dollah tourneys and rarely adventure into meaningful (relatively) buy in tourneys. I don’t have the tourney Chops to make tournament poker profitable. This has been stated more times on this blog then OJ has stated he didn’t kill Nicole.

Speaking of relaxing and possibly finding killers on the golf course… here’s the reason why I won’t be attending the WPBT Summer Event. My dad’s side of the family (six brothers) are bringing their kids to Isle of Palms/Charleston for the week at this beach house. I can’t wait, especially since my cousins are mostly my age and all my uncles enjoy playing poker! It’s a bummer that G-Vegas is too far away for a quick possible exit to dump off some unwanted poker money to a metal head, a kilt wearing hammer thrower, and the UpForPoker crew. I guess I’ll have to drink myself asleep at the private pool and play a couple rounds of golf in between the bikini gazing on the beach.

Unfortunately this vacation is going to tap my depleting poker monies and available vacation time enough that going to Vegas in July will not be plausible. So, unless I do something out of character like win a bracelet race at FT (O8 is tonight, wish me luck) or a have very good run at the cash games, I’ll have to suffer through reading trip reports instead of almost passing out playing slots inside Imperial Palace at 4am or paying off BadBlood’s sets with top two after an unknown amount of SoCo shots and Cap'n Cokes consumed.

Who knows, I could get lucky.

Thanks for dropping by, now if you’re in the Twin Cities area and like (mostly) free beer. My co-ed softball team is having a beer bust at J. Cousineau’s in Maple Grove. Pay $5 at the door, drink as much American macro brew that you can guzzle in two hours. A chili bar will also be provided. I’m most likely to wear some poker room swag hat with my usual #99 jersey and will either be holding a screaming toddler politely asking to play Virtual Bowling or having a very pregnant woman telling me to “slow down” with the drinking.

Free beer needs to be taken advantage of, no?

BEER BUST -- April 22nd from 2:00 - 4:00 at J Cousineau's in Maple Grove.
$5.00 - Chili bar and beer during this period.
J Cousineau's 13540 Grove Dr N Maple Grove, MN 55311 - 4400
(763) 420-8355

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