Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Placentas For All!!

Thank you all for the kind comments yesterday. When I’m in a “mood” I need people to tell me to stop being a pussy. Then of course I go and try to bluff calling stations who think their second pair-middle kicker is gold and refuse to bow down to my awesome level 19 play. Can’t win them all but you can stop single IQ type plays like that.

I R Dum.

I did manage to get called a fish last night. While that’s not shocking especially with the level of play I usually exhibit, but it was a tad warranted since I did suckout like a Champ. My first mistake was trying to put someone on a hand pre-flop due to raise before me in a PLO8 game. Usually this means A2XX (with X being another wheel card) or AAXX (Xs can be anything because Aces are SOOOO pretty!). Since I was holding AA4Q double suited, I re-raised to go heads up and when the flop came down J T 2, I figured since I held two of the aces, and generally people are smart enough to dump high wrap hands to re-raises, I pushed a pot sized bet on the flop. When I got played back at, I knew I was behind but here’s the long list to why I called:

1) I have a gutshot straight draw
2) I have two nut flush backdoor draws
3) I have a backup low draw
4) I’m getting 4:1 on my money
5) The only hand I’d fear is JJXX, not likely to call a re-raise pre flop

Here’s the tinfoil hat short bus list:

1) I was due

Sure enough JJXX is staring me in the face, and I have my clicky-pointer on the “buy chips” icon…. Oh wait is that a King? I immediately thought of CJ’s poker mantra:

“When in doubt, just suckout!”

I still feel dirty this morning. I hate putting my money in while behind and trying to justify it, but when you take in a hand and try to piece together what your opponent has what’s your first thought process?

If you answered “I’m thinking about Kate Holmes’ placenta on-a-stick for dinner with fava beans and a nice Chianti” then you need stop watching the Encore movie channel while chatting with Wil Wheaton on the girly IRC box.

Mine is “how would I play it”, especially if I haven’t been at the table very long and have no reads on the other player. In this case I simply couldn’t give the opponent credit for a set in a hand that I’d call a re-raise with pre-flop. Then again I had someone CALL an all-in pre flop with A3o in Hold Em’ cash game last night, never saw that coming. Maybe that’s my leak, trying to get too fancy with “reads” and bluffs versus opponents who generally don’t understand beyond looking at their two/four/five/seven cards and determining their course of action.

But if I'm just going to play my own cards, why not just open 6-8 tables and play ABC poker and win simply on having better pre-flop/3rd street hand selections then your opponents. I'll test that next week while trying to qualify for Full Tilt's 20 seat WSOP freeroll. 10K Full Tilt Points in one month gets you entered, and since Stars has decided to rearrange my taint this month, I may shift some more money to FT and make a run at qualifying instead of keeping up my SilverStar status.


Like I said yesterday, I write here to talk to myself and work out any issue I have with poker or pen an encounter with a douchebag who insist on writing a check at a Holiday gas station around 5:30 am when I’m just trying to purchase two yummy Krispy Kreme donuts for me and the missus before work but have to wait for the mouth breather ahead of me to produce 3 forms of ID, a urine sample, and recite the last five lines of the Declaration of Independence so he could purchase his carton of Kool cigarettes, Juggs magazine and a bottle of YooHoo!

I hate people sometimes. Not as much as Bob, but a lot.

Oh wait, I just heard we’re getting served fresh waffles this morning by the managers! I could get hit by a 747 and this would still be a kick ass day. If they serve a side of bacon I just may need to change my pants.

Thanks for dropping by, now go congratulate Maudie on a fine WWdN tourney win last night!!!

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