Thursday, July 23, 2009

Erin Andrews Vs. Brett Favre: Who wins in creating drama?

You stay classy New York Post.

I'm all for nudie videos and pics but almost certainly knowing that the Erin Andrews video (beware of spyware, malware, Andre Ware being attached to the video) was shot without her consent and posting pictures of it in a major publication and not a blog that receives under a hundred hits a day (THANKS GOOGLE!), crosses as many lines as Purple Jesus dashing for a 76 yard touchdown run.

There's a reason why distributors get more time in jail versus users.


Since my mind is firmly on this weekend you get my going away video I usually post during the last work day before shoving off into a degenerate weekend. This time there's no plane trip or eight hour drive, just an hour north to a golf course off I-35 then heading east towards Wisconsin to relax with a few fine beverages, be the bank for some Pai Gow, and argue all night about My-Favorite-Favre coming with mixed emotions to my beloved Purple.

The land baron will make his decision by the time I get back and being disconnected from all internets and media you will know before I if those Monday Night Football tickets for the Vikings vs. Packers are to become worth more than Super Bowl tickets due to the rabid fan bases. For a decent grip on the NFC North outlook the boys at KSK will quench your thirst for all things football, and rip on those assholes who keep you from a decent glass of MSG or Bud Light at your next keg party.

But, without further adieu take it away Wilson Phillips!

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