Thursday, July 16, 2009

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

Amazing how the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon applies to meeting people from your past and zoom forward to give your present a new twist. While I won't be dancing in a barn to illegal rock music anytime soon, due to a co-worker of my brother who works closely with a friend that used to be my neighbor growing up there might be a new place for poker-esque writing in the near future.

As posted here before Minnesota Poker Magazine debuted a few months ago and my scribblings and metaphors may find their way over to their blogging page soon. Bonus, that I might even find a home game where the people don't suck and actually enjoy discussing the game while kicking back a few drinks.

Stay tuned.


Did someone forget to pick up their degenerates at day care again?

(Photo credit: Lotus Media)

Awesome job guys, for all your hard work covering the WSOP, we salute you on your Dream Team Win.

As for the WSOP Main Event coverage... Darvin Moon will be your chipleader that poker agents are currently jerking to as the rest of the poker tables are broken down in the Amazon Room until November. I doubt with Jeff "Happy" Shulman and something called Phil Ivey at the final table the chipleader will be the main story for the next four months.

If this Ivey character decides to hook up with an online site for free poker coaching and logo'd hoodies, the other eight won't even need to bother to reserve suites at the IP in November. He is short-stacked but its Phil Ivey damnit, the bankroll of the poker world who most likely has won more in prop bet making the final table than the first place prize they are playing for (1st place = $8.2 million if I'm not correct).

A bad prediction: Full Tilt Poker may give this journeyman red letter pro status and 100% rakeback as well. Just a guess.


Brett Favre-gasm of the day: The Brett states he'll wait until the begining of training camp to solidify what he's already stated. If healthy, I'm a Viking.

Sigh. This is about as hidden as your spouse telling you she's really doesn't need that new dress/iPod/pair of shoes while shopping. Stop fucking around Favre, man up, say you're in and go have a porterhouse with Purple Jesus at Manny's and become a teammate not some rented gun Allen Iverson-type "Practice? We talking about practice?" that just wants to show up on gameday.

Oh, you may want to acknowledge the dude wearing the severed kodiak bear on his head that still has the warm blood dripping down on his Cher t-shirt. He'll be making sure you get to rest in-between interceptions.


The Phil Ivey of golf is not leading a golf tournament, sportsbook give a sigh of relief.

Tom Watson leading the British Open (or The Open for those across the pond) which is shocking since anyone other than rabid golf followers didn't even know Tom Watson still played anything besides Tuesday shuffleboard events at various South Florida retirement communities.


Find and take my money tonight as I'll be donating to the various low rolling MTTs this evening after softball while enjoying Coca-Cola laced with alcohol as prep for a 75 minute! aerobic class my wife signed us up for on Friday morning.

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