Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In need of an extra pip

With a typical day starting around 4:30am and ending somewhere north of 10:30pm the time to write and/or indulge myself with a little online poker becomes non-existent. The summers are made for getting everything done and doing everything possible before the polar ice caps move back in for their extended stay in the front lawn.

Softball, T-ball, cabin, sprinklers, picnics, beach, working out, landscaping all part of the summer whirlwind that seems like Wyatt just got out of school last week. A note from last night, by the time me and the wife got home, kids in bed, laundry and assorted Transformers/GI Joe/Barbie princess bedroom set were put away Joe Nathan was sweating a deep liner out to Denard Span with 1 out in the 9th inning of the Twins game on FSN North around 9:30pm.

Welcome to life.

Hi, nice to be here.

Plus the things I love doing such as writing a few words on card games that don't end with "em'" have to lag a bit (I promise a post for the MNPokerMag.com website by the end of the week if the Strike aerobics class doesn't kill me tonight). With WCOOP on the horizion, sleep and sanity will have to take a back seat to enjoying this run as long as I can fool people into enjoying my typed letters and careless puns. Is it not cool to enjoy poker and or online poker anymore? Sure, the poker-centric surroundings of this particular blog have taken a turn into a more personal rant-filled space where I air out my marriage sheets, Viking blurbs, and parenting stress.

Cards are a hobby (and a well paying one), its how I grew up. Cards have been and always will be a part of life regardless of bankroll, writing assignments, or family size. From the days of 10 cent Pinochle at the cabin in Elk River, to my first live tournament at Canterbury (Stud-Hi, and yes I made the final table thank you very much), to celebrating my first "real" score on the forgotten Freemont Street Experience surrounded by friends via poker, to chronicling online rounders from across the globe bad beat and check-raise their way into six-figure scores in the Sunday Million and other tournaments, poker will always have a place here regardless of the UIGEA, and whatever "National Poker Week" did to get the government to overturn the legality of transferring buy-ins across the interwebs.

Don't worry, it just take one "Favre-ism" to get the subject changed, such as yesterday while I was impressing no one while buffing up for the Badblood-Drizz arm wrestling re-match sure to take place sometime in the next blogger gathering, my favorite needle-in-a-toenail land baron Favre was on TV quoting something along the line of "I really hate people who can't make up their minds" while on the set for a commerical.

(head explodes)

Really? If that's the case I suggest the next time Favre walks by a mirror he should do the right thing and give himself 4-iron to the face and dunk your balls in one of those ball washers while a raccoon takes a swat at them. Play or don't play its not that tough when you're going to get 8+ million to do so with a decent front-line, receivers that don't completely suck especially with the potential of Percy Harvin and an all-world defense to allow you time to cut the lawn in Mississippi before its time to go back out hand the ball off for the Purple Jesus or Chester Taylor.

Throw for 300+ yards, 5 picks, and 3 TDs and the local media will crown you the next local sports hero next to Touchdown Tommy Kramer minus the binge drinking and Tim Laudner who hit under .200 but any Twins fan worth his/her salt could come up with the name and fond memories.

Tomorrow is "the day" (until the next day of course) after that the Viking faithful will look towards the depleted egos of Rosencopter and T-Jack Attack to lead our team to a Wild Card road loss with a series of 12-3 games that even the most rabid Purple fan will keel over from boredom with a half eaten Johnsonville brat in his/her mouth before halftime.

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