Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mid-Summer Dilly Bar Update

Other shinning example of "poker bloggers/media" can't play the game they cover...

I don't know about you but I've heard of Dr. Pauly, Dan from Pokerati, and the lovely LJ who just took down the WSOP Dream Team event for $31K plus individual prizes. Dream Team sent some photos yesterday and I'll get them out tomorrow, but check the link for Mean Gene's excellent photographic eye for capturing degenerates handling bricks of cash.

Seems like we're doing alright on the felt in this part of the interwebs. As sprstoner (who doesn't like to be lumped in with the bloggers but will anyway) and cashed for six figures at the WSOP, is on Day 2 of the Venetian Deep Stack Main Event.


If you had to chose between listening to John Madden, Joe Buck, or Chris Berman for an hour which announcer would cause you to rip your pubic hairs out one by one the least?


Is there ever a point in marriage where you can sit back and say "yep, we finally get it"?

Not that I'm at that point nor make any claims as to how to get to such a lofty place in matrimonial bliss, but are you in a good marriage when you can blow through getting snapped at and assume an apology is coming by the end of the day?

I for one will never "get" marriage but rather just try to enjoy the ride no matter how many times my soft head hits the top of the minivan going over the ski mogul-like highway. Worrying about the daily spills has caused so much stress in the past that I've lost sight as to why I help pay the mortgage, take that extra peek, and fold a load of family-sized laundry every other day.

Actually I know why I take an extra peek is because boobies are boobies and they need attention too.


The All-Star game was a bit of a bust in terms of excitement. The only moment I took to gaze on extended action was to watch Mo Rivera mow down the National League in the ninth, further cementing his bust in Cooperstown. After all $6 Sit n Gos are much more important than knowing the Twinkies will have home-field advantage for the World Series this year :)


I'm buying Dilly Bars after T-Ball tonight, so if you're in Champlin this evening around 7 CST and are faster than my mohawk'd son, the ice cream with chocolate coating is yours.

Not to be confused with the urban dictionary definition of "dilly bar" which sounds like the vagina would invert from the cold shock, unless of course the lady is use to sticking her dildo/partner's man parts in the freezer before use.

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