Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Out At The Plate


Think the Twins would hand over 1% of that for me after the disaster last night?

Luckily I was in bed watching something called "Kirby" with my son at 7:30pm in effort to pass out from a lack of sleep thus missing my softball game and of course having to watch the Twins vs. A's game be the headliner on Sportscenter which ran the entire course of my Raisin Bran Crunch and breakfast sandwich starter meal.

In the course of this six-sigma loss, it even had to end with Cuddy getting the shaft from the ump at home where ESPN and their magicial camera angles couldn't find one solidary viewpoint that would cause the man in black to think he was out.

Granted the game should never have come to that point as the bullpen should have preserved the win far beyond needing that run in the ninth but how does Gardy not loss his shit when interviewed after the game? Personally I would have rather have seen a tossed bat at the media or some Ozzie Gullen-esque antics to wake up this talented team that seemed to have gotten a case of the who cares after two tough losses in a row (if I were a betting man, money on the A's tonight would be a decent bet regardless of who's throwing).

Wrong on many levels yet still going to fork over some poker dollars by the end of the season to bring Wyatt to a game just for a father/son type thing and hopefully not have to sit thru the purid pitching shown last night.

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