Monday, July 13, 2009

Score One For the Good Guys (and girls)

This chick made her second largest tournament cash ever last night at the Sunday Million at PokerStars. Drop by the PokerStarsBlog this morning/afternoon for the recap.

Any chance she took Mean Gene out for drinks at the hooker bar and strip club hopping afterwards? One could wish for Gene.

Me? I'm fighting gravity today with Sobe Energy, ice water, and forehead against cement to stay awake and productive.


Awesome weekend with my dad's side of the family that traveled from different points of the US just a half-day of food, golf, lakeside boating, and drinks. Right now the description eludes me because what should have gone on for two or three days we were forced to make do with the several hours together.

Much like blogger gatherings, so much to do, so many people to reconnect with, so little time to do it.


WSOP Main Event is down to 185 people (I think) but the real story is Pauly and Dan going super deep into Day Two today of the Dream Team Poker tournament. Per @taopauly on twitter their team is the last standing and he's coming back with 158K in chips while the anti-cooler Dan M has 113K. I stand to reason that with the team format they're looking at a decent cash today (I can't check for a press release/Dream Team Poker website until later).


I don't know who gave poker bloggers a bad name for their playing ability, but with the several cashes around the WSOP and other tourneys during the poker holiday season known as the WSOP, people should try cutting away from applying fish tags to anyone that hops onto WordPress, Moveable Type, or Blogger to crank out a few words about this game that we love.

True we are "writers" "fluffers" for a reason, as many of us who write have actual responsiblities and can't take their tournament score and use it as a buy-in to the next level. Are we ahead of the curve for stashing it and using proper bankroll prudence, or behind the arc and acting like a stone nit for throwing the cash into our houses, children, or buying the understanding spouse a little something extra for her birthday instead of using it to play higher with the potential golden ticket at the end of a WPT or WSOP tourney?

My opinion stands that I'd rather use the money to see some friends, and some bigger smiles on the people I wake up with daily versus dumping it off on a four or five figure bad beat story to some Scandi robot who was "just gambling and got lucky" after you snap off his bluff and he catches perfect-perfect to make table drink the most expensive one you ever purchased besides the beer you had before purposed to your life mate.

Personally, broken toys and half-eaten kids meals are worth more than those 5 by 7 table assignment seat cards.

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