Monday, January 31, 2005

Let it snow!

The roads were rather slick this morning and after a weekend of bad luck I fully expected to get into an accident on the way to work. Sure enough we almost slid right through an intersection into a car with DWI plates. Luckily the driver wasn't drinking this morning and saw us sliding to avoid the crash.

Trip to Treasure Island started off good enough. My mom picked up a little after noon to start our journey to Red Wing, MN (about an hour's drive). We dined at McDonald's splitting a McNugget value meal (I wasn't very hungry). While at McDonald's I got the pleasure of viewing the bitchiest little female manager I've ever seen since my days of working at OfficeMax (hmmm... possible future flashback post perhaps). All 80 pounds her berated the cashiers and cooks the entire time as I waited for my value sized fries to come out of the fryer. Turning the cups a certain way, greeting with proper enunciation, etc... I fully thought she was going to correct my posture and tell me to stand exactly 5 feet from the counter while waiting for food.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. I did have fun while hitting an array of bonus games while playing the slots. Monopoly was the most interesting, you can "buy" houses on the game board and receive extra bonuses when you land on the properities. If you don't land on enough properities you could actually lose money. Neat little gamble. I can't seem to enjoy blackjack anymore, I buy in and after winning/losing a little bit I want to quit before losing my initial stake. I did get plowed for $100 in 5 hands but won over half of that back doubling down on one hand and spliting aces when the dealer finally busted. The dealer was nice enough but I could only make out one in five words he was saying since I was getting dizzy from all those slots (maybe another why I've started to play poker?). Treasure Island sure has grown since the last time I had visited the place. Its fairly clean with its smoking/non-smoking rooms, unlike Mystic Lake you CAN drink there ( but I didn't and its not free). The biggest downside is no poker room of course or I'd be writing more about raising with the hammer and less about how the stupid Men In Black game never gave me an Alien Bonus. The trip cost me $120 but well worth the 5+ hours with my mom, but it also mean I need to withdraw a little more next time from online to cover my Vegas trip coming up.

Maybe some fishies will give me some good luck while I try a WSOP party tourney at Absolute tonight. I could use it after this weekend.

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