Saturday, January 28, 2006

Going Off Line

The losing is continuing and the fun isn't there.

I'll be in IRC chat, and root people on from the rail. But not playing at the tables for a while, giving away money has been exactly that lately. I don't seem to have the chops to be a poker player and a parent. I get angry at wrong times for no reason, I call off chips when I know I'm behind, the grind has become overwhelming to my psyche.

Perhaps a week without booting up a table will bring back the fun because it just isn't at the moment. My Full Tilt and Stars accounts have dipped to all-time lows and its a feeling of quicksand while playing. The harder I try, the further I sink. Thankfully I do have the restraint of not playing beyond my bankroll and lose so much that I'd be forced to quit altogether.

I know I write one of these types of posts every so often, but not being able to deal with the highs and lows of missed draws and (insert number here) outers is not the way to be playing profitable poker. My competitive ego has taken one shot too many lately and before I do something stupid I'm gonna go play a little hockey with Wyatt.

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