Thursday, January 12, 2006

Mice on a Plane

I brought Snakes on a Plane for the DADI: Omalymics PLO8 tourney last night and ended up as one of the mice. Excellent turn out by the bloggers once again, and even a crabby mixed game specialist managed to show that she has the chops to make it through this mine field and make a final table appearance. I ended up somewhere around 26th place after finally nailing a wheel only to have someone turnover a wheel plus a six-high straight.


I was finished off a little later as someone’s aces held up and neither a low, nor flOOsh came for my A3s49. A little while later I watched the chip leader take the worst hand in four times in a row at the final table and manage to channel CJ in picking off everyone in consecutive hands with mild suckouts. O8 is definitely a game where that strategy can be correct, since pre-flop only in extreme circumstances are you a significant underdog. With a massive chip lead it is correct to plow people over by just pushing them all-in every hand with hope of winning those coin flips.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Not feeling like playing is about as close to depression as I get nowadays. I was staring at the Full Tilt tournament tab while Mrs. Mortenson bounced in the stands as her husband took down Kido Pham in the Doyle Brunson WPT tourney, and Andy Bloch’s name in red was contrasting the various other participants in a $20 PLO8 MTT that was starting in a few minutes. Normally I would say “fuck sleep I’m winning a t-shirt tonight!”. Last year I would have signed up without even thinking about the potential time and energy investment. But, I have taken a new approach to poker this year, and one of those changes is entering tournaments on a whim. Before I click the radio button to pay for an entry fee, I go through a mental checklist of how much time I will be investing into this tourney and whether or not I have enough energy to play good poker for 3-4 hours during a MTT. I wussed out on entering the tourney, made the appropriate session notes in my notebook, and logged off with hopes of feeling refreshed for a full night of poker tonight.

It was a good plan until the neighbor’s dog woke up the dear and patient wife and she in turn decided I should be informed of this late night auditory aberration while I was dreaming of Lindsay Lohan in a Hooter’s uniform pushing a Fort Knox size pot my way while getting a full view of her…

What hon? Oh, sorry, I thought I was grabbing my pillow. Do you need a back rub?


With mixed feelings I was informed I will be going on a week long vacation this summer in South Carolina!

The good news. Private beach house, cool relatives, plenty of golf, plenty of poker, and relaxation.

The bad news. This is my wife’s underhanded way of telling me I will not be going to Vegas for the WSOP. Although she hasn’t said anything directly to that point, I believe it’s the end of making it to Vegas this summer. It’s kind of like the subtle cold shoulder you get from a spouse when you were all ready to rock her world for 10 seconds, and all you get is a Charlie Brown kiss on the forehead, leaving you to deal with blue balls and internet porn for the balance of the evening. Also, it appears that we’re going to be too far away for me to catch the South Cacklacky crew in their natural habitat. Sigh.

Bradoween and/or The Bash at the Boathouse are still open for discussion in the household since making Erik Seidel my butler in the WSOP O8 tourney isn’t likely to happen this year.

Thanks for dropping by, now for Phil’s Poker Tip of the Day!

Phil: “You flop TRIPS with a pocket pair roughly one out of seven flops”

Drizz: “I know its tomah-to tomay-to, but isn’t that called a set?” But who am I to tell a NINE-TIME WSOP BRACELET WINNER, about poker jargon.

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