Wednesday, January 18, 2006

King of Vegas

Hokey or good fun?

Definitely an interesting concept as most of us are gamblers beyond the scope of big slick, doorcards, and open-ended straight flush draws. Last night this newest gambling series started off on Spike TV with Mike “The Mouth” being Mike “The Mouth” on the very first hand of the blackjack portion of the contest. I’m still fuzzy on the exact rules and stuff but it seemed you needed to place high enough within a game (Blackjack, Caribbean Stud, Roulette) to advance to the next show. For the six players that did not “qualify” were subjected to a six-man Texas Hold Em’ match at the end of the show to determine a loser who would be ejected Survivor style, without the torches, eating various insects, gay men running around naked, or immunity challenges that involve drinking your own pee.

The poker portion was a little confusing as Matusow hit a big hand with AK vs AQ then suddenly wasn’t at the table to be eliminated. Maybe a more acute viewer could clue me in. A question about this choice of the “sudden death” game if it is Texas Hold Em’, this will severely favor the three poker pros (David Williams, Evy Ng and Matusow) or at least embarrass them should they lose. Of course just like on Survivor, one of the hottest chicks got eliminated first last night. Rigged.

Now, I enjoy watching gambling. In fact while in Vegas if you didn’t see me sitting at a bank of bonus penny slots or giving away money at the Excalibur poker room, I was watching the table games and craps tables. I do enjoy throwing a wager on cards or dice, but most of the time; I would rather be a spectator to the excitement of the unknown. The cast of characters seemed genuine while winning/losing their bets. The neon dressed Al Capone “Chainsaw” guy certainly got into the competition when hitting his 35-1 shot on the Roulette table, busting out a dance Young M.C. would be proud of.

Overall, the show is a little heavy on the cheese but doesn’t appear scripted to the point that it chokes the personality of colorful people like Matusow. Evy… more victory dances and definitely more smiles, you’re not re-raising some fish with second pair in a WPT event.

Little Drizz gives it two trains up, at least for the first week.

While I was watching the show I managed a little poker (AS SEEN BY THE SUPER-COLLOSUS CASH SHOWN BELOW). Final tabling in a dime tourney felt like winning a bonus round on a penny slot with one credit wagered after playing max credits for two hours straight (see Grubby if you don’t get understand how much that would suck). I won a coin flip, KK and QQ held up, I think somewhere a Democrat and Republican agreed on taxes and homeland security. All at the wrong fuckin time. Why couldn’t this happen in a “real” tourney? Its not about the monies, right?


Maybe it’s a sign to move up to the quarter tourneys now? God, I’m such a pussy sometimes.

I did enjoy a little side game action with Alan and Falstaff as I managed to piss off a table coach and chip leader at a .05/.10 table and book a win big enough to pay for a Turbo PLO8 SnG! If I ever get the balls to play more loose-aggressive at higher levels, I may return to the NLHE tables for a spell.

Thanks for dropping by, now go congratulate BadBlood on a fine tourney win in the weekly Wil Wheaton dot Net tourney. His cash is being withheld at this time due to physical threats being made by the thrash-metal lover at the final table, about how suckouts would be dealt with in the parking lot after the tourney. Shooter McGavin and Mr. Larson were not available for comment.

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