Thursday, January 05, 2006


I’m sure any remotely interested college football fan was ready to turn off the TV after the first lackluster quarter last night. Building up a game for three months only to have a Pop Warner junior league styled performance isn’t good entertainment. But, WOW what a finish by Texas! Congrats on the win and my quasi-legal sportsbook account thanks you for hitting the over. Just one thing had a dick on cheese grater feel to the telecast… why all the shots of Matthew McConaughey? I don’t get it, he went to UT and he’s an actor, whoopy fuckin-do. Even during the victory celebration where the PLAYERS should have been getting face time, we were graced with his metrosexual mug and his over-flashing of the “hook em’ horns” gangsta hand signal. Couldn’t they find some cheerleader’s panty shots instead like normal football telecasts?


On the poker front, I sat down at a NLO8 table with some known decent big bet O8 players on Stars last night to see where I measured up. It was a draw as no real big hands came into play except for the occasional salmon swimming upstream and finding this shark pit. Since a stalemate was going on in that game, on a whim I checked out the limit games going on.

Are they really this bad? Going from a super-tight big bet game where if someone bet they had either locked up a low or a high to someone capping with top pair only was definitely a culture shock to me. Plus, I was actually earning FPPs towards the new VIP system Stars has set up. Unlike the big bet games which are much slower, they don’t normally accrue the necessary pot size to acquire a FPP for the hand unless two players have a cinch or a huge draw.

I loosened up my starting hand requirements and my bankroll thanked me with a tidy 20BB+ win at the $2/$4 table. Wheel on the board? No problem, you’ll still get called down by a set or a flush drawing to only the high (and most of the time, not even the nut flush). Maybe last night was just unusually loose, but even the folks with the larger stacks were making several questionable calls and raises. For the rest of the week, I’ll be exploring the $2/$4 and $3/$6 limit games to see if last night was atypical or constant as the potential profit from these games could be quite high. Poker Babe even quotes the $30/$60 game as a gold mine. Since my purse is fairly small (relatively) and fairly tight (my problem), I won’t be putting up a large chunk of my bankroll to “take a shot” at these games just yet. I will be exploring the $5/$10 games within the next month if there are positive results from the lower stakes limit games if the big bet games continue to tighten up.

If you are deaf/dumb/blind like myself and didn’t read the fecal mist adventures of Daddy’s guest post on Dr. Pauly’s website, you’re missing out. Go now or forever wonder what fecal mist is. Warning do not consume liquids while reading, gut-busting laughter is 99.9% guaranteed.

Thanks for dropping by, now for Phil Hellmuth’s Poker Tip of the Day! Rini is right, these tips are like having a U.S. Treasury printer attached to your laptop!

Phil says: “Phil’s Top Ten Hands: A-A, K-K, Q-Q, A-K, J-J, T-T, 9-9, 8-8, 7-7, A-Q”

Phil says: “Beginners: stick to ‘Phil’s Top Ten Hands’”

Phil says: “I’m a tool”

Shocking that he didn’t include the hammer. Jopke.

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