Monday, January 30, 2006

Poker Tip of the Day!

First off, thanks to all the well-wishers from my dark/gloomy/pissed-off-at-the-game post. I’m doing fine, staying away from sharp objects, and I’ll be back next week to take back the money I pissed away playing badly.

More sage poker advice from The Jopke-machine...

“Drinking at the table may help you for awhile; but then you’re screwed!”

- Phil Helmuth


Ok, kidding aside about bloggers enjoying a drink or fifteen while check-raising tourist douchebags off their third pair. Does Phil’s “advice” make sense to anyone? At what point do I become “screwed”? Is there a certain BAC in which I should admit myself to the drunk tank and leave the table? Should tolerance come into play?

“Winning leads to more winning”

- Phil Helmuth

I suppose there’s something in this statement. Just look at Dubya getting re-elected, or “Too Drunk to Call” logging in a Place finish after his glorious win at Mandalay Bay despite being a 43-1 shot.

Personally, I felt I won this weekend.

Monetarily, I lost $250 playing poker. But what I gained was far more profitable. I didn’t lose to bad beats and suckouts, I lost due to lack of self-constraint. That is why I was so pissed off this weekend. I can handle the runner-runner straights and the two outers hitting (after the #@%##%@ in chat of course) . What I cannot handle is giving away money by playing my hand “incorrectly”. Correct play doesn’t always mean playing the best cards in the best position. In some cases, it’s correct to play 47o for a raise, think implied odds here for no-limit and pot odds for limit. How hard you play your hand brings in other factors, like your table image, can your opponent lay down an overpair when the flop comes 4 4 8 giving you trips while holding the “garbage” 47o hand. There's a reason why G-Rob manages to log a win or two ;)

My incorrect playing at the PLO8 tables consisted of not listening to the other players talking to me through their bets. I often preach “don’t chase draws to half the pot”, yet I found myself doing so, despite the betting patterns from my opponents shouting in my deaf ear “I’VE GOT HALF THE POT LOCKED UP”. A little Q-tip action would have helped out, but I have a toddler who believes nap time is lets-empty-out-all-my-drawers-and-throw-all-my-clothes-all-over-the-room time which caught my attention. He also selfishly wanted me to play with him. And after losing a $100 pot due to my ignorance and looking into his bright, baby blues… I realized I need to prioritize a lot better. Daddy first, check-raising scooper a distant second.

Me and Wyatt spent the whole day together yesterday while the missus helped her dad with the new bathroom going in downstairs (one of a bazillion “home projects”). I assisted with the project in spirit since me and tools don’t get along. Yes, Wyatt was helping me pick the ponies with BG, Huge Junk, and CJ in the afternoon before his “nap” which consisted of every article of clothing re-carpeting his room. Even after confronting the linen graffiti artist his first words were “big smile Daddy!” while showing off his pearly white teeth in a grin the size of the Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat.

It’s funny now, but I was not amused at the time.

I promise not to be a stranger this week as I’ll be posting my usual nonsense while beating people sixty cents a time at these Ace Solitaire games I found at Yahoo! Games site called “King” games. You can play for real money, and even though I did not make a deposit there was $5.00 sitting in an “account” for me to use.

Sound familiar?

No, this will not become an Ace Solitaire nor Bejeweled blog, but they are fun distractions for the time being.

Thanks for dropping by, now according to “Stuff” magazine there are 690 Billionaires in the world currently. Actually it said 691, but since I lost $70 playing horses yesterday named after bloggers, instead of staying the course with BG’s awesome handicapping of the races at Tampa Bay Downs, I’m a little short of Platinium card status at the moment.

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