Tuesday, January 17, 2006


You see it everyday on TV, at work, on the road, at a restaurant, at the $2/$4 table when someone cracks your KK with 73s hitting a boat on the river (I would NEVER do that). You have experienced it while taking a test, trying to undo a bra for the first time, trying to keep up with Al at a bar, or having an argument with a toddler who doesn’t want to eat his/her dinner.

People show ineptitude in many ways, for example: a soccer mom may seem competent in multi-tasking while getting little Billy and Darla to all their college resume enhancing activities on time, making sure the lamb chops at home are kept to the perfect temperature, while juggling three pending court cases in her thriving home legal practice. This may sound like someone who’s got it all together, but not from the view point of that trucker she cut off on I-90 while yelling at some poor civil servant over her phone (with Bluetooth technology of course) getting a restraining order for one of her clients. Or the portly gentlemen who had to cover up his “anticipation” with his brand-spanking new issue of Juggs patently behind her at the supermarket express lane while she brought a week’s worth of groceries into the 10 items or less lane.

I bet the NFL refs this weekend thought they were doing the right thing and nearly caused the city of Pittsburgh to wreak havoc on the United States. How many TV’s do you think were destroyed by Steeler fans after the phantom interception got overturned during the game on Sunday? A while later, Terrible Towel nooses were probably being created after The Bus fumbled. For some reason the fumble struck a funny chord in me that I haven’t felt since seeing GRob kneeling in defeat of the brutal Excalibur poker room wheel and lost prop bet #274. But thanks to a sober Vanderjagt kicking the ball somewhere between Yemen and Qatar, Big Ben broke Little Drizz’s streak of correct NFL picks and Mean Gene can hop down to Best Buy and purchase a new Plasma screen for this week’s AFC Championship game.

Why didn’t I consult with Little Drizz about football wagering earlier? Three for four? Hell, I get giddy about picking one right.

None will improve your lot If you yourself do not.

- Bertolt Brecht

More ineptitude could be found at the virtual tables with a cute kid pic or sultry cartoon nurse and a name of Drizztdj underneath them. He managed to check-raise the wrong douche-bags at the wrong time, exhibited some flair with his patented bluff-call knowing he was beat, and my favorite… raising all-in into quads while holding an underpair to the board, far along into a MTT. As the Guinness commercial cardboard cut-outs would exclaim, BRILLANT!

I did manage to cash in an H.O.R.S.E. MTT at Full Tilt while changing the mother of all diaper loads. Little Drizz decided to explode with a dump worthy of a professional food eating contestant right near the bubble of the tourney, but I managed to nail a 6 in Razz to give me enough chips to overcome the card death for the next 45 minutes and squeak into the money. I know I shouldn’t have “been a pussy” but with truly unplayable cards in a limit tourney and zero fold equity, I was at the mercy of catching a few cards.

My foray into limit Omaha 8 or better has not produced results yet, as I continue to struggle with variance and some holes I’d like to plug. I am pleased that the usage of more aggressiveness while folded to in late position is paying off. This does not work at levels $2/$4 and below where 5-7 callers is the norm, but if I’m on the button or one off in a $3/$6 or $5/$10 game, I will usually come in for a raise with any suited ace + any wheel card, and follow up with a continuation bet of some sort to take it down.

Even though its limit, stack size and the blind’s playing ability do come into the equation of whether or not to come in for a raise. Raising into a short stack with 2-3BBs left will probably call you down with any four hoping to double up before having to reload or go do the laundry. I made this mistake a couple of times and due to icantfolditsis, had to pay off the small stack with minimal holdings.

Thanks for dropping by, now here’s an article from across the pond about the dangers of unhealthy eating. Don’t be looking at the Page 3 pictures you perverts… ok I took a peek too.

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