Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Employee Discount Card Secure

For those who know me personally may have read this yesterday:

Discount retailer Target Corp. said Tuesday that it will cut 9 percent of its headquarters staff, close a distribution center and reduce planned new-store openings as it battles the weak economy.

The staff cut includes 600 employees and 400 open positions, mostly in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota where it is based. The company plans to close its Little Rock, Ark. distribution center, which employs another 500 people, later this year.

"We are clearly operating in an unprecedented economic environment that requires us to make some extremely difficult decisions to ensure Target remains competitive over the long term," Gregg Steinhafel, president and chief executive, said in a press release.

I am still gainfully employed, I won't comment further since I do not talk about work here, but I will say yesterday felt like kick in the taint with a cold spiked shoe.

Nothing good comes out of watching friends walk out of your life.


Update: On a good note, I will be seeing the ear specialist today to discuss hearing aids and not scooping out my middle ear to replace it with used Wall*E parts. Surgery has been done before, it didn't help, I missed baseball season and lost my high school girlfriend (for the first time of three). While I wouldn't expect my wife to walk out on me while wrapped in bandages for several months, I see no upside to spending five figures and three to six month recovery time to hear the latest American Idol hit some glass shattering high note.

I just want clarity, I want to hear everyone speak and not guess based on facial and body expressions as to what they're saying. If a hearing aid can't give me that, then solidering on with what has been given to me won't sink me into the same self-loathing I had when Cyndi slipped a note into my hallway locker 16 years ago (holy shit I'm old!).

When you have a disability, you find out real quick who your real friends are because they speak to you without pity in their eyes nor pull back punches when joking.

I know of many who read here are those people because you're all horrible bluffers.


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