Monday, January 19, 2009

That's Not Cold, THIS Is Cold!

A couple of quick hits for now as I'm still fighting off a head cold that won't go away.

- Ely. Beautiful. Cold. Temperature negative too much to write out. Everything I want to do, did.

- No Limit Omaha Tourney at Fortune Bay. 18 Players. Won it. Book it. Who wants my book? Drizz Playz Omahaz.

- Snowshoeing. First time. Loved it. Purchasing a pair this week most likely.

- Drank too much. Pissed off the wife. Too little time. Can't wait to go again.

I'll expound on frozen things later this week, but I'm sure the Obama-mania that is cresting over the horizion for Tuesday's UberBash at our nation's captial is a tad more important then ice fishing stories. Americans are try to find the rope to get us out of this recessionary period of our nation's economy, will the new administration throw the lifejacket out to the people or sit on it so their asses don't get wet? Will the campaign promises come to fruitation?

Stranger things have happen like the Buzzsaw Who Is The Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl?!?!?! The Steelers, while not favorites, are no surprise to be playing a couple of weeks due to their shut-down defense and Choco-taco loving quarterback, but anyone out there taking a flyer on the Cards?

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