Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hitting the Wrong Hole

Many points of awesomeness in this article from Fark:

TORONTO -- A Toronto man must continue to pay child support despite a DNA test proving he is not the biological father of his ex-wife's children, a judge ruled.

Pasqualino Cornelio, who believed he fathered the 16-year-old twins after being given "incomplete and misleading information" by his ex-wife, will also not be reimbursed for previous child support payments.

"While the failure of (Anciolina) Cornelio to disclose to her husband the fact that she had an extramarital affair and that the twins might not be his biological children may well have been a moral wrong against Mr. Cornelio, it is a wrong that does not afford him a legal remedy to recover child support he has already paid, and that does not permit him to stop paying child support,"Ontario Superior Court Justice Katherine van Rensburg wrote in her decision.

Anciolina Cornelio said during the trial that she did not know the identity of the twins' father, blaming her lapse in memory on medication she was taking at the time.

Van Rensburg said her judgment was made in the best interests of the children and based on earlier precedent.

"Mr. Cornelio was the only father the twins knew during the course of the marriage. The relationship that developed from the time of their birth was the natural relationship between a parent and his children. The fact of that relationship . . . is sufficient to require Mr. Cornelio to continue to contribute toward the children's material needs,"van Rensburg wrote.

The Cornelios have been divorced for 10 years. The custody and child support arrangement was agreed upon in 2002.

Wow, gets cheated on, lives with lie for 16 years and still responsible for kids that are not his. Sure, personally I would care for them but not due to a court order. If he didn't want to pay, I'd simply forget to pay, what are they going to do tell order him to pay for kids that are not his?

And medication bit? Nice bluff ma'am pray you don't get called.


I was geared up to start playing a few blogger tourneys in honor of Reverend Al's announcement of the BBT4. Last night's Mookie was a perfect beginning as the kids and wife were tucked away... and you can see where this is going as I ended up curled into a frozen fetal position before the tournament even started. Closing each table last night with a thud thanks to varied crap hitting for my outstanding mouth breathing opponents that deserved to be slapped with a large trout in the balls while taunted by their ugly high school girlfriends that crossed their legs for them but turned into hot porn stars shortly after getting that diploma.

Since I've been blowing sunshine up everyone's ass lately, a mini-rant was needed. Better now StB (more Rock of Love pictures please)? But, there's just no raw nerve getting hit. Yet. Still smiling in the face of this bone-chilling weather. Maybe an untimely suckout during the Oh Captain tournament will cause a COPS-like flipout this weekend. Be prepared however to read a write up with more bunnies, flowers, and feel-good anecdotes of a degenerate treking across this glacier called Minnesota for some poker goodness with fun people.

See you tonight with drink in hand and girly chat up.

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