Thursday, January 08, 2009

BBT Funds Needed

I don't lead often in tourneys, but this is one hell of a start FOR REALLY B-I-G CASH!!!!!11111oneoneoneone

Ok, I'm only two drinks in. Wish me luck, don't worry there's a near full handle of Cap'n for long haul and hope everyone has their sarcasm radars up.

Update: Hour 2 ends... lose 57K pot for chip lead when I push on a 963 flop with QQ, he calls with AK... fill in the blanks. Still in but back to par instead of chip bully.

Update finale: Steal my way into bottom cash. Booooooooooooo. Now playing cheapie PLO MTT. Hate self, feel better with Valet Girls and Ski School movies at my disposal.

Update finale with stuff!: Drunken question... if you could be one penis for one day who's would you be, and why? Cashed in cheapie PLO, average chippies.

Chuck Norris quote I made up while bubbled to BuddyDonk in triple draw "Chuck Norris does not run out of bullets, he runs out of bodies"

Here's Keeley Hazell, not this is not Wicked Chops. Still in PLO but chip leader is killing me.

Update for realz: Bubble final table on river suckout. Of course.

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