Saturday, January 10, 2009

Favorite Color is Blue, Not Pink

All geared up for poker today.

iPod charged.

Hoodie packed.

70's oversized sunglasses.

Full Tilt jersey.

Douchebag attitude.

The Drizz invasion of the Mayo Clinic was two steps out the door, then a faint call from the door stairs bedroom came in...

"Daddy, my eye hurts"

10 pounds of pus and a new prescription from Target later and I'm stuck behind the keyboard as a personal nurse today since the wife will be running around all-day.


What started has a promising weekend has been diluted to football on TV and gentle arm-length hugs for the kid. OMG DON'T TOUCH THAT!

Sigh. Here's to hope my little wolverine doesn't get it, as she'll get into anything and everything meaning the likely hood of an embarassing phone call to work Monday morning go up exponentially.

My apologies to Oh Captain for flaking out on the road trip, but I assume the tournament going Pink Eye free today is much more important then taking my money. :)

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