Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wanting to Hear What Someone Has To Say

People may have heard Americans are getting a new president today. $150,000,000.00 is being spent by various functions and committees to ring in our Commander-in-Chief, and if packages like these $50,000 Politically Correct one at the Ritz-Carlton or The Fairmont Eco-Inaugural Package at a svelte $40,000 one can could see the money exchanging hands for the record number of security detail needed today.

The ring is moving from the right to the left as Obama’s engagement period is over, and he starts the hard road of marriage today with a speech that is supposed to captivate an economy torn nation into believing in itself again. But, could the spoken words really be THAT good? Aren’t the promises to the American public so large and so grand, its similar to that one ex-girlfriend/boyfriend that you never got to have sex with but had a road map in your head to the three day carnal monkey banging that left you both so sexually satisfied a video of it would become the number one teaching aid to good sex?

Will Obama give that worked-up release today after a year of preaching it as he addresses the nation as its president? He does bring hope, whether the hope becomes action, and action becomes results will be seen over the next four years.


I wish I was able to view this historic event but as a personal matter today, I’ll be addressing issues at the local level. For many years I’ve kidded myself due to vanity mostly. But the countless missed words, conversations, and asking for closed captioning to be added to the TV set have caught up to me. My hearing problems is one that have caused humor undo to myself as words coming out of my mouth don’t always match up with the conversation and sometimes with embarrassing results.

Ok, its pretty funny when someone could be talking about their car and I chime in with a reference about the time I passed out on the hood of my white Madza 626 DX at the 1995 Edgefest concert that had nothing to do with their new heated seats and shift-on-the-fly four wheel drive.

But, it’s uncomfortable.

Also, I miss my daughter’s explanation of her elaborate princess get up with five rings on each finger to the big man kneeled down in front of her who just nods approvingly or my son’s latest sight words he has conquered in reading class.

It has probably held me back professionally in many areas whether it is at my current company or possible future gigs in poker reporting. The number of times I wanted to put my head thru some tempered glass after not hearing something is too vast to count and to explain what it feels like think of going thru life with cotton stuck in your ears, you can see the mouths moving, you can catch most of what’s being said but have to guess the other words like some prime time Fill In The Blanks game show.

Today I’ll be visiting Pararella Ear, Head, and Neck Institute to see if obtaining a hearing aid will get the cotton out of my ears. Granted I’ll have to save up the $1,000-$3,000 for the pair should the audiologist believe such a device is worth the cost. Easier said then done, but there's some extra work in the mix that should it pan out, the cost won't strain the house finances.

One of us today will be bringing a nation closer to together with words, the other is hoping to bring his family and friends closer to hear their words. I’m just lucky that I don’t require a custom made Caddy to get to my podium today but sure to feel the same exuberance afterwards.

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