Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Flannel Hugs

Since I woke up at 2am this morning with the wife snoring and a head cold my brain is pretty much pretzel dough for the remainder of the day but I did want to pass along a story about Schecky retiring from PokerNews as said by Pauly.

As a poker fanboi, PokerNews has been great for following up-to-date tournament action from around the globe and not just getting the AKo vs. 99 all-in coin flips at the final table via TV coverage, but how those nine (or six or eight) players got there. Well-written, funny, and accurate information flowing thanks to the editor-in-chief. Good luck sir on your future endeavors.


Tomorrow I'll be visiting a place I once called "Utopia wrapped in flannel". Ely, MN may be one of the coldest places in the continental US (next to the neighboring towns of Tower and Embarrass and currently showing -36 as the temp), but many warm memories of late-night card games, countless bottle bass out on the lakes, and drunken arguments about the economy/sports/life that last as long as the chips are being slung across the table (or until the booze runs out for that evening).
Oh, there might be a side trip to the Fortune Bay casino (Bikini Ice Fishing team showing up in February? Oh my.) as well. They have a poker room which I have not had the chance to hit up yet, but I've heard the main game there is spread limit hold em'. Bleh. The page does mention an Omaha tourney at 6:30pm on Fridays. Should I hit up the cash games though, I haven't played spread limit since I dusted off my very first live poker buy-in at the Excal back in aught one (should have stayed at the $1-$5 Stud table).
And with just an "adult" weekend, there will be no need to run downstairs to see which kid is running around in the dark crying for mommy and daddy.

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