Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Captain Morgan To Sponsor Me??


I had a picture post all ready for today but after getting home from softball last night but after barely being able to type hello on the girly IRC chat box and feeding Kyra, it was time for this old man to go rolling home... to bed. No poker, two days straight.

Beers at Cousineau's last night took a little sting out of losing the softball game due to the mercy rule (losing by 10 or more), but besides the pitchers of macro brew there was an added little flair to the night.

The Captain Morganettes visted the bar!

Actually it was just two skinny chicks in mini skirts with a red top giving out samples of Cap'n Cokes (I took three of course).

Attractive? Meh, I saw hotter women wearing less at the softball game.

Excitement factor matching the big banner outside of the bar? Not even close, basically they handed out some swag (I got a nice visor), the sample shots, and some beads, then left. No music, no shot contest, no hot girl on girl action. Just two tepid women with overly nice smiles handing out my favorite alcohol.

I inquired about a possible corporate poker sponsorship due to my past/present/future mass consumpion of their product. I informed them I would change my avatar to their logo for the $100 PLO8 PokerStars tables. This inquiry was met with the same confusing look I got from my high school girlfriend when I tried to take off her bra for the first time. Maybe I needed a rougher degenerate gambler look as having Kyra and a bottle in my hands probably softened the image of me nut-peddling for money online.

Tomorrow's post will be for those who have been unlucky enough to share a live table with me and couldn't understand a word coming out of my Minnesotan mouth.

Thanks for dropping by, now if you haven't visited and watched the report for Gulfman done by GRob, please head over to UpForPoker for the links. Again, my condolences go out to his friends.

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