Monday, May 22, 2006

I Type, Therefore I Am

Another profitable weekend yet I’m still feeling like I missing something. I had two final tables in MTTs (5th in PLO8 and 7th in NLHE) and two penultimate tables (17th in PLO and 14th in the PSO freeroll NLHE). For a non-tournament player like myself those are fairly good results, and might be the cause for getting out of this negative funk I’ve wrapped myself in for the past five months.

Instead my adolescent brain decides to dwell (again) on the fact that thru all of the tourneys I participated in this weekend I won one race (the 7th out of 351). One time I managed to win a coin flip. One time Vince Van Patton would have used a term that sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard to me and I was victorious. People gloss over winning “races” in tournaments while drafting their tournament summaries.

“I had AK to his 88 and after a king flopped I was able to move on”.

That’s where my tournament write-ups stop, I don’t win “races”, in fact last night during the WPBT Gemini tourney when I got my chips in the middle pre-flop with TT and saw Spaceman’s AKo, I turned off the table and left before the flop even came out. I didn’t even want to watch. Only after looking back at the summary screen did I see that an ace hit the river as expected. Up to that point I got into exactly zero “races” in the dual WPBT Gemini tourney due to mostly pre-flop play and getting lucky with dominating hands that held up. Kudos to Biggestron for putting together yet another fun tourney!!

I’m bitchy this morning due to very little sleep, Kyra thought it would be fun to wake up in one hour intervals last night, bear with me.

I did manage some sleep during a bachelor-type weekend when the wife decided to take our spawns up to the cabin for most of the weekend. Instead of inviting over erotic Swedish massage experts and drinking myself to sleep, I opted for grabbing a few Zzzzzz’s and walking around in my boxers the whole weekend. Of course the price of staying home alone meant cleaning the house and some yard work, but when you have an iPod stocked with Anthrax, Toby Keith, Elton John, Madonna, and old school Metallica, it makes busting out the Pine-Sol, 409, and weed whip go much more quickly.

Yes, I’m the king of excitement, hear me meow.

I do have one little rant about my favorite summer professional sports-type team, and would like to internet-type on important things like bashing Jessie Crain for blowing Boof’s big-league beginning. Once again Mr. Gleeman predicted the future of straight as an arrow throwing Crain a month ago, and hopefully Gardy sees it as well before more quality starts are wasted. Yes, he’s throwing the ball hard, but the reason why pitchers like Greg Maddux and Tim Wakefield can hang at the major league level is because of the movement and placement on their pitches. Crain’s “Here’s-my-fastball-try-to-hit-it” mentality works while playing Legion ball for Post #542 against some high school kids who are more interested in making sure the cute blonde with the too-short-to-be-sitting-in skirt in the 3rd row bleachers notices him, but not while facing finely tuned professional ball players. If he could throw a cut fastball or even develop a nasty change-up (see Santana and Liriano), there’s a spot in the bullpen for him.

And my heart broke for Barbaro this weekend at Pimlico. Was it the first start that caused the injury? I’m not horsey expert as I still like to bet on colors, names, and numbers rather then Beyer speed figures. In any regards, I hope he has a full recovery and thank god for the knowledgeable jockey that was able to calm him before the injury got worst. I whiffed on all my bets, but to see a horse go down like that earlier soured the usual excitement of the home stretch.

Thanks for dropping by, now a side note to my sister-in-law... when drinking outside it is advisible to have the house unlocked or getting that next beer thru the upper floor kitchen window can be rather difficult.

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