Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Its Almost June Already?

I’ve been doing this parenting thing for almost three years now, but damn I don’t remember ever being this worn out/tired before. I’m not physically ill, but the late nights are starting to chip away at me. Staring at this Sobe Energy Citrus drink WITH GUARANA, PANAX GINSENG, AND TAURINE, I wonder if I’ll be able to function without accidentally striking up a theological conversation with the Xerox. Good thing I have Phil Hellmuth’s calendar nearby to get my daily dose of brain candy.

Phil’s Daily tip: “Sometimes I try to win less money in a pot while protecting my chips”

Ok, now my head hurts, maybe I need less simulating things like finding naked Lindsay Lohan pictures while clubbing at Las Vegas ultra lounges with Shriners circus clowns and Nick from Family Ties (that outta bring the freaks here this morning).

Poker, poker, who’s got the poker? Obviously I’ve been playing very little lately due to not being home much and when I’m home most of my energy is expended towards my tax deductions. Poor Wyatt is still running a fever and got up three times last night. But I did manage to play a B2B freeroll placing 10th out of 478 runners to win more yummy Euros. These freerolls are offered 4-6 times a day (maybe even more) and generally its push-and-pray poker but if you’re not 100% into the game of choice for that evening why not run a freeroll instead?

In the past, when I got home from a softball game (victorious last night of course over some young whipper-snappers that ran the bases like gazelles on meth) I would shower, immediately fire up three tables of $100 or $200 PLO8 or NLHE ring games and usually make mindless decisions until my “high” from playing softball ceased. $20 here, a stack there, drip drip drip wasting valuable bankroll funds on thoughtless bluffs and angry calls when given strong indications that I got out-drawn or I’ve been strung along with a second best hand.

No more of that.

Instead I search around for a freeroll or play a peep-sex SnG token tourney at Full Tilt where my losses are confined to an entry fee (I managed to suckout a token last night, playing three total hands, poker is easy).

Mike Caro stresses the fact that a bet saved is a bet earned. This concept doesn’t always pertain to a shaky value bet on the river, or folding that eight-six low in Razz on sixth street knowing that rockish Drizztdj with 4 3 2 6 showing probably has at least an ace or a five in the hole. Saving bets can mean not opening up tables when you’re not fit to play (alcohol induced states are a different subject matter, since from experience I tend to play a little better). Being ill or tired or stressed-out is just throwing yourself at the mercy of the cards because you won’t pay as much attention to Maniacal Max raising every other hand, or Slowplay Sean who only checks when he has a monster. Stuck with level one type play, poker players are more likely to bet into Timid Tim on a bluff despite the fact that he will not fold his pair of treys thus not saving those bets for when you have a hand and will get paid off.

Do yourself a favor, save the “real” cash games for when you’re fresh and alert. Play well below your usual limits if you’re taking the time in between hands to stalk an ex-girlfriend or watch Sixteen Candles (just listening to the 80s phrases make this movie one of the best). Give yourself a built-in stop loss and play an SnG if you must play.

Just don’t hop into a game just because you found the location of your laptop’s on button.

Thanks for dropping by, now why do I feel guilty for watching the ladies French Open tennis tournament in the morning before work? Unpronounceable athletic European ladies running around with hiked up skirts, its better then Cinemax.

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