Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ik houd van pook te spelen

Ok I don't know if the title is actually saying something to the Dutch that insults their mothers and penis size but I hope not.

Wow, those B2B sites sure get low traffic while the most of the crazy Europeans dream of taking down Marcel Luske in a game of PLO. POTPOTPOTPOTPOTPOTPOT ALL IN!!

If you don’t get this or are late to the party, check out the Rounders parody post here.

It is low traffic at TopRankedPoker during my normal playing time (8 or 9 pm – 11 pm CST). There’s a good and bad side to that coin. The good, get to know the tendencies of the players at your blind levels. I have notes on several players that helps me decide whether I can push this person off his hand or need to tighten up. The bad part is that most of the players are fellow bonus whores, meaning good tight-aggressive players or just plain rocks. Also, this site has forced me out of my comfort shell by primarily spreading only shorthanded games (6-max). Only during the weekend did I see an eight player (full ring for there) game going and that was a NLHE game. PLO8 is non-existent except for a sporadic .10/.20 game that popped up on the weekend.

With the requirements for “VIP points” being a rake of .31 (EUROS!!) the pot needs to reach 6 or 7 euros to qualify for the “VIP point” (thanks Scurvy for the info). At the .25/.50 level this is uncommon at the rather passive tables as a raise takes down the blinds at most times. With trepidation I dipped a heel into the .5/1 waters and found them a little more aggressive but not so much that I needed to borrow one of Little Drizz’s Care Bears pull-ups to play. VIP points rack up a lot faster here as I’m currently at 247 VIP points and just a little ahead of schedule in clearing the bonus by the end of the month. I will NOT mention being ahead at the tables because that would cause unrest in Stockholm and Reykjavik. Not to mention I do not feel like taking a two foot wooden variance clog to the posterior region with untimely bad play.

Yes, I am a boorish American.

There is one more positive point that I failed to mention and that’s the nightly freerolls (that were first introduced to me by Felicia and Glenn on 24h Poker which is another skin in the B2B network) and guaranteed tourneys that are offered. Free money + usual overlays = tourney player heaven. I am not a tourney player and the freeroll structures are VERY aggressive. But with 30 Euros up for grabs, why not spend a quick hour and half playing monkey push poker and get lucky enough to win a Royale with Cheese.

If I manage to clear this bonus in the black from playing, there’s a strong possibility of seeing someone who looks like me ordering Cap’n Cokes at the Boathouse in September. But I don’t want to jinx it, so I won’t mention it.

So, how about dem Twins! Sigh.

I can’t even get myself to watch them lately, opting for Arena Rock or hoping JoeSpeaker’s Greed episode finally airs on GSN to see if he had any hairs out of place when Chuck Woolery denied him again of the pleasures of a big payoff. Wanna sign up for Lingo with me??? The hostess is rather attractive at least and during the host’s introductions you explain to him that “hey remember me, I’m the one who got fucked over on Scrabble because you decided to inhale a bottle of rubber cement during commercial break and speak at the rate of an alcoholic on pot, nice seeing you again Chuckie!”.

*cue audience canned laughter*

Softball season has been begun and I’m waiting today for all three of my muscles to start revolting against normal moment. Our team remained the same from last year with my wife currently not playing to an acute case of pot belly over the normal beer belly limits. Some rain at the beginning of the game soured what was a beautiful day but it was good to be back out on the diamond again.

5 for 5 with a triple, two doubles, and 8 RBIs was a decent start for me as I just couldn’t seem to hit the ball three more feet for home runs, old age coming on fast. Little Drizz filled the time between innings trying to swing a bat bigger then him and falling down several times Looney Tunes style. The competitive side of me came out a little too much with some sarcastic remarks as our shortstop suddenly developed Chuck Knoblauch syndrome and tried to throw the ball to China seven different times in the bottom of the seventh with a nine run lead. After a couple more errors (including a misplay by yours truly) and hits, the tying run was straddling second base. But I managed to get the next lycra enhanced lady batter out without staring too hard at her bouncing… feet?

Yeah, that’s believable.

Thanks for dropping by, now I must return to waiting for the wife to tell me that she’s ready to be less pregnant soon and rush off to the hospital.

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