Friday, October 24, 2008

Chip To My Lou

If my parents went off to Vegas while I was awkwardly mastering Calculus in my ripped Umbro shorts and learning to speak to a girl’s face and not her chest (ask Waffles, its tougher then it looks!), they would bring me back two things:

- A parlay card from the sportsbook of the hotel they stayed at.

- And a blackjack chip from the casino floor.

The rounded mounds of clay were collected over the years, so when I became of age to lose my $8.75/hour job worth of gambling funds at the Frontier, Riveria, and Circus Circus, a $1 chip was going into my duffel bag for the ride home. Now those chips are displayed in the basement of my house all colorful and in various denominations according to if the dice or cards were hot at the time of collection.

Recently the first name in Poker Chips, Nevada Jacks, ask me to drop by their site to check out their wares as I’ve been searching for a decent set to go with my new-ish poker table. Being a chip collector the first part of the site I was interested in was their collection of Real Casino Poker Chips of various parts of the globe like the Ukraine, Aruba, and Puerto Rico. Personally, I love the metal in-lay chips and may have snag a few of these of my collection.

Next up was the famous Custom Poker Chips built to upgrade your home game from that set mom and dad thought you wanted at Christmas time last year. Color me amazed that the production time to crank out your new bank is only two weeks! As I’ve seen their product in action (and luckily some of those chips came in my direction), I can attest to the superior quality of their work.

If you’re in the market for a new poker chip set that will make your friends step and notice, head over to Nevada Jacks and have their customer service folks take care of minting your potential new home game bankroll.

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