Monday, October 27, 2008

Ding! You've Been Facebook'd

Steven Segal prior to blimping out into some stay puff kung fu master with a komodo on, kicked ass with great lines such as “the first one thought he invincible, the other thought he could fly… they were both wrong”. There’s scene in the movie below (with awesome subtitles!) where a top secret password is held by two ranked officers trying to get it on while on this train, the crazy terrorist guy has to type in the password on two keyboards simultaneously to gain control over the super-cool satellite that causes earthquakes and blows things up while looking like an overgrown Lite-Bright floated above earth.

While I was not pressured to follow through on global destruction, last night after the Battle of the Planets finished up I saw that both the Sunday Warm-up and Turbo Takedown were winding down at the same time. Using a high stepping shuffling technique seen by defending basketball players, I moved back and forth until the two tourneys finished up and still got to dream about my three-way with Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Biel inside my penthouse suite at the Imperial Palace at a decent hour (ok, dreaming about Vegas in December already may have seeped in). The Turbo Takedown deserves a note as there was deal that the railboys and girls had a hey-day over as it seemed that only one of final three had ever made a deal before, and to be nice, they got screwed over big time because the chip leader managed to give himself a shot at MORE THEN first place money with the chop. Check out that deal in the write ups linked above.

Bonus money may be the sweetest money (copywrite Joe Speaker), but money from cheeseheads and stinkin Badger fans makes me giggle like seeing illicit boobies while through the movie channels. Gophers hockey, I have a man-crush on you. But, am saddened by the news of a huge Gophers hockey fan and Gophers hockey TV analyst losing his job as my favorite radio team was split up on Friday when Jeff Dubay’s recent drug arrest turned the P.A. and Dubay show into The Paul Allen show. Rube Nation is lost without you.

Speaking of Rube Nation, how pissed off are they about our apparently juiced up Pro Bowlers? Nice job guys, even 100% Cheese Free is probably in discontent about this team.

A question for whoever got me to start up my Facebook page… you now have sucked in a vortex of people from Minnesota into this endless pool of quizzes, addicting add-ons, and pokes. Speaking of pokes… how many pokes or the wondrously fabulous SUPERPOKE! do you need to receive from the wife (not to be confused with The Wife who sadly still roots for those limpburger cheeseheads to the east of the Twin Cities) before you cash them in for 15 seconds of fun in the sack?

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