Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Eye For an I

The Red Sox lose and 99% of the baseball loving public applauds. Except for Las Vegas sportsbooks who offered odds of 200-1 or more for the Rays to win the World Series. Anyone take a flyer on these guys while in Vegas for the NCAA tourney?

Roy Williams spent last night dancing on stars, strip club table tops, and probably took double J’s private jet as quickly as possible to the Lone Star State to join the Cowboys. Unfortunately for the Lions their future building block of finally having two first-round all-pro caliber wide receivers that don’t suck on the field at the same time was now given yet another 1st round draft pick to waste on the next over-rated pass catcher who had some great NFL Combine times and wonderlic scores that prove he went to Remedial Three-Sided Geometry and Basic Basket Weaving class more then once a week.

Did Matt Millen sneak back into his office?

Adam Jones. Overhyped, can’t hold his liquor, and has a temper control that rivals my two year old that was just told she can’t stay up to watch the Dora the Explorer double feature on Nick Jr. At least Pacman still has his eyesight unlike this unfortunate nudie club patron that no longer has a reason to go back after losing sight in both eyes due to two separate fights over three months at the same club. Maybe he should have tipped Clarissssa a little more before getting her 8 inch heel in the ocular area after getting drunk off three Odouls and calling her flat chested?

Now, that takes talent and poses the question: is there a reason for him to return to that (or any) strip club? Perhaps just to smell the stripper perfume or the lunch buffet and 2 for 1 happy hour specials? May his mother will just bring home a warm six-pack of Schmidt and a pack of Reds from now on versus causing anymore trouble at her workplace.

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