Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Suck and Resuck

Under things that suck:

I got a chain email stating my contract with keepyourpokerface.com was cancelled. No personal words, just a chain letter. Not sure how to feel about it since work vs. pay was tipped to just bring in traffic versus applauding free thought. Somewhat relived that there’s no more deadlines and can focus a little more on a writing gig I care about versus being nothing more then a poker flag boy at the huge internet parking lot. Still, a little miffed at not getting a direct word on the pink slip (but I'm sure the Google bombing of internet ads had something to do with it).
Under things that don't suck:

Pictures from our recent drive over to the 101 Market's corn maze in Otsego. The fun part came with finding the six markers within the maze to spell out a phrase for a weekly $500 drawing (which sadly I did not win).

Ah, yes! I left my sister behind sign number two

Your frugal attempts to make me smile have been noted

Who in this picture needs a beer?

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