Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm a Donkey... Just Not THAT Kind

You stay classy lawmakers:

An embattled Massachusetts state senator appeared in a federal courtroom today charged with taking $23,500 in bribes, including cash that she stuffed into her bra during a meeting at a tony Boston restaurant that was secretly videotaped by an undercover FBI agent, federal prosecutors said...

Link is complete with bra stuffing goodness! Gotta pay for littering lawns with those obscene VOTE FOR ANDERSEN FOR COUNTY ELM TREE LEAF AUDITOR signs and wonderful eardrum ripping negative campaign ads that run more often then asses at a Taco Bell after a rack of volcano tacos (they're hot!).

Further down article are possible perjury and tax-evasion charges added on to this state Senator in 15th year of bringing community service home with an apple pie baked with a dash of bribery.

The message is the same as two years ago, throw em' out, put in someone new. Does it solve much? Or do people take the same strawman stance as those businesses getting the shakedown from mob associates named Vinnie the Snake and his steel asp pressuring you for protection money? National revolution will never happen because people like their iPods, SUVs, and $100 pedicures done by over worked Vietnamese women donning face mask in a locally convenient place but gradual change can happen with your town. A vote for Obama or McCain may go up against tens of millions but a vote for a mayor would be heard much more intimately.

While I'm far removed from taking a political side, personally I have read up on what the canadiates stand for and will be voting accordingly as more "die-hard" Republicans and Democrat are doing.

That is change. Perhaps a small bright spot under the old Victoria's Secrets microflex bras being stuffed with bricks instead of boobs.

In poker news: Please turn off my year-long doom switch. Thanks.

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