Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Its Always Sunny in Washington

For better for worse.

A tag line for a day filled with white lace, nervous flasks filled with brown liquid being passed around in the men’s bathroom, and cute little nieces all done up with fresh florist picks to drop some “ahhhhhhhhh” bombs before the guest of honor walk down the aisle towards their impending vows. Soon after the drunken dances with cousins twice-removed and seeing your new spouse in a thong for the last time bring: mortgages, new humans being produced, “found money”, nights on the couch after disagreeing Jerry Springer-style on chicken versus steak for dinner, marathon sex while watching NFL Sunday, yard work, credit card bills, quiet hand-held walks through falling leaves and a red wagon being tow'd behind.

Life has these ups and downs whether you’ve made the above vow with other person or not, should the economy be any different? People spend too much, find themselves in debt, reign in the horses to save, build the wealth back up, people spend too much, find themselves in debt… and the circle continues. Right now of course people like the execs at AIG don’t seem to understand its time to either invest in solid companies while their stock prices are low or maybe skip that pedicure and happy ending massage with Suki her lava rocks at some posh resort. If there’s an explanation for their $400K+ splurge that ends with people nodding their heads in agreement, it would be most helpful to avoid the long, icy glare of my better half the next time I try to super-size my skillet at Denny’s (or wherever skillets may be sold).

Is the country going to sit around and point fingers solely at those with the tailored Ralph Lauren purple label power suits and $150,000 Jags with the now near busto E-Trade accounts that make their spokesperson cry? Or should we blame those middle-wage earners who bought that $350,000 “dream home” because they could afford the interest-only loans, only to find out about balloon payments and escalating scale of interest after several months when they didn’t stop the notary public as she explained the 45 page mortgage document because of the stars in their eyes as they got a free set of Ginzu steak knives and bank logo’d stainless steel coffee mug with their purchase.

Pointing fingers while married solves little. Getting down on all fours to pick up the toys and scattered crayons readies the battlefield for tomorrow but does little to prevent a lifetime of pleas for help pick up. Sitting down and working out a plan with all those involved would get things done.

Now, it’s a matter of choosing the right person to take the lead, for better and for worse.

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