Monday, October 06, 2008

September: Not Missing You

Found the couch for a little bit of football action yesterday:

Redskins still looking for respect from the football talking heads (and hopefully found it this weekend). Listening to a podcast from KFAN last week with Adam Caplan chatting about how the Cowboys would walk all over the Skins last week without Jason Taylor.

Oops. Think he said the same about yesterday's Skins/Eagles tilt too?

Texas April looking for the Stabbing app for her blackberry and is currently skiptracing for Sage Rosenfels address after he single handedly passing over a win in the fourth quarter to a Manning brother. What in the name of Mark Duper was he trying to do for that first down that ended in a Colts fumble recovery for a TD?

Even I picked the Pack over Atlanta. Wow. Due to potential karma issues I will refrain from comments but curse Rodgers for another strong showing after I benched him in favor of the Manning brother that did not win the Super Bowl last year.

Thanks to Kissing Suzy Kolber, I am unable to watch a Pittsburgh Steelers game without thinking that Big Ben is asking Hines Ward for a Choco-taco in the huddle and subsequent laughter occurring.

Anyone else have DeAngelo Williams in yesterday? No? Learn the Ronnie Brown rule of fantasy football that if you sit a starting running back with a decent backup he will break out for a 30+ point day. Look for Fred Taylor to bust out for 125 and two scores in his next start.

Tonight you will either see the Brad Childress era come to a lame-duck end (odds are he'll be fired at the end of the season regardless of record this season) or start up some hype about the Vikes making a playoffs run. When did the NFC North become the NFC West? Besides the Lions looking their usual cream puffs selves, the other three teams are over-achieving for 7-9 end of the season records.

Drinkability ads for Bud Light need to die a quick death. That beer shouldn’t even be used to fry up brats let alone find its way to mouths of thirsty Class E softball players. Michelob Ultra and Natty Ice has more beer taste then this beer pong favorite.

Perhaps Bash stories tomorrow, perhaps not. Everyone say hi to my newest Facebook friend, my wife! I was immediately turned down with my “friends-with-benefits” request from her which ranks up there with getting my date for prom request shot down by my high school girlfriend in the middle of the hallway with all her big haired Z. Cavaricci-sporting preppy friends within an ear shot. Spending prom night watching “The Last Dragon” and knocking one out to fuzzy porn that came in if you knew the right trick on cable was much more productive then securing the right pink corsage and learning how to slow dance without grabbing her ass.

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