Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Prediction is: Human

Love these people who are "willingly" giving up McDonald's Monopoly pieces for a share of the winnings if someone has a "rare" piece (are there people this dumb?) which carry the same odds of a car in downtown Phildelphia not catching fire or having a caved in roof from phinatics dancing on top of them tonight.

Congrats on being this year's World Champs, Phillies. You may be the losingest team in the history of baseball, but not tonight.

I see that this guy and this woman found some time to do this (not a Rick Roll or prOn link you perverts). Godspeed to you both, may the journey be filled with loving sighs and quiet snuggles in the rocking chair more often then the "again?!?! what #!#$!$@ time is it?!?!?!".

Being degenerate gamblers, shall we start up a betting pool on the sex?

Male: +120
Female: -150

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