Monday, June 08, 2009

Champions yet again

I'm ready Sir Waffles (picture from the fine folks at LasVegasVegas)

Roger Federer takes home the French Open, completes the career Grand Slam, snagged a free hat from the crowd, and still gets free Toberlone.

Tiger Woods does what Tiger Woods is supposed to. He wins, he actually hit fairways which I've heard makes the game of golf much easier. Personally I don't see the need to hit off of perfectly manicured turf when a nice piece of gravel behind a 20 foot pine will help the ball spin to within five feet after banking off the ranger's cart.

Waffles wins the Battle of the Bloggers TOC and will spend his $10,000 at the WSOP following Evy Ng wearing night vision glasses while toting a sign for asking her to come his suite at the Imperial Palace for five two minutes.

Or not.

Congrats to whoever won, can't find a story this morning at there were 7 left. I saw Hoy, CK, and JJ in the mix when I nearly passed out for non-alcoholic reasons thanks to the cabin being a bit chilly this weekend and my wife deciding that taking covers from me was perfectly acceptable.

While you 43 or 44 lucky bloggers were battling it out for those juicy WSOP ME seats, I was working (Sunday Warm-up final table write up at PokerStarsBlog found here, of course the bigger story was Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu grinding his way to a WSOP bracelet, but fell short heads-up). Wish I had the time to play more, give myself a better shot as I probably played six actual tournaments and four of those were Skillz series ones, while signing up for a few more and forgetting to sign out. No excuses for another great promotion put on by Full Tilt, special hat tip to Al of course.

Daily dose of Favre: Shoulder surgery and Peter King wasn't there holding the golden boy's hand as they had him put on the ass crack robe and shower cap? Chilly, Ziggy you two need to stop this now or Sportscenter along with the rest of the NFL-rabid media will blanket your team with QB talk instead important things like getting ready for the season and comforting one Antoine Winfield as the contract talks heat up.

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