Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You're the Inspiration

Since I currently own nothing more than a phone that struggles to receive text messages and routinely runs out of memory while taking pictures, this is a placeholder for the next five days. It will take in dial-a-shots however.

It's time to adventure to a city that contains more people than this state twice over and I hear there's even places within this city that willingly serve you beer.

To my friends on media row at the WSOP, stay strong.

Poker From the Rail
Dr. Pauly
Wicked Chops Poker
Poker Stars Blog
Ulimate Bet Blog/

Its hard hearing about the conditions there that looked to be improving from last years fun-fest to this year's suck-fest for the media at least. How about the players? Any word on improved seating, rules, happy endings table massages, less kangaroo meat in the beef, Jack Links Jerk-off contests?

That's 18 days to touch down at Mandalay Bay where I'll spend my first five to six hours writing up in my room for PokerStarsBlog (Turbo Takedown and Battle of the Planets promos), then the plan is to crack a smile into the thousand-yard stares of those hard-working bloggers at the Rio. Prehaps even sneak in a quick session at the PLO8 cash game if its running.

But, tomorrow's plan is to enjoy the Wisconsin countryside, eat some cheese curds, drink some decent beer, flick off every Packer fan in site, pick up a Brewers' fan, and head down to Chicago for face boners, poker, baseball, and enjoy friends that can only manage to meet once or twice a year (actually my liver and wallet is thankful for this).

Side note: 1Queens Up1 mentioned checks are flowing from FTP, any word on the PokerStars situation? I heard a bonus was offered to those who's checks were denied, but since that would kinda-sorta hinder my plans to hitting up a decent dinner or two in Vegas I'd need a little more info before transferring my paycheck out.

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