Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Minnesota Poker Magazine Debut

Please go to Otis' page as he got a wake up call a parent dreads daily. My prayers are with little Dos this morning with hopes this blows over quickly so he get back to rocking semi-quietly with a bottle in his mouth at 3am to Sham Wow! infomericials and looped Sportscenter broadcasts.


Work, too much sex, softball, blah blah blah. You get the gist so we won't mention the dreaded "why aren't you posting?".

Yet I still did it.

First thing this morning was a tip from my cousin's wife about a new poker magazine coming out for those who read here from my favorite state of the nation that may own GM in a few weeks. Anyone think Obama has a few ideas on the new design of the PT Crusier? Enlightened that he spoke about developing new fuel-effiecient/electrical batteries/engines, saddened that the government is stepping over the boundary of the private sector of business because the corporate types became so large that letting their poorly run operation just die, as capitalistic views should let it, had too many consequences.

Back to poker...

A tip. Yes, coming out just this prior weekend is a new magazine by poker players from Minnesota to cater to those of us in the great northern state that delude themselves to be poker players for better for worse. Minnesota Poker Magazine will debut at several bars and casinos across the state with stories about the card game most people come here to read about. The funny thing was I taken back to a time of a school-bound kid with a clueless view of the world but knew about its cruelness from daily avoidance of those who couldn't accept my disabilities.

A meer two doors down from my parent's place on 69th Ave. two blocks from Kenny's Market where the cold Black Cherry New York Seltzer was sold for 50 cents a piece, an all-around athlete and a good friend until the cliches of junior high started up that would go to become a poker player and now is directing this publication about poker. Small world. Bryan Mileski runs what appears to be a weekly blog on the magazine's webpage as its main contributor, I wished him luck in success of the magazine and let him know if there's a need for someone who may or may not write about poker once in a while, where he could find me.

Funny thing is that our brothers have worked at the same radio station for several years, and now find out that both of the big brothers are poker freaks. At least Bryan is, he at least shows up on Cardplayer's rankings and does play higher stakes tourneys than the $5-$10 ones I enjoy.

Who knows, maybe you'll see my scribings over there in the future should they have a need for some bad Omaha advice and how to get free wheelchair rides in Vegas.

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