Sunday, June 07, 2009

The noise, its too much

Peter King.

Why must you say such things (from Twitter)?

SI_PeterKing: note to all who want people like me and Mort to not write about Favre: It's not our choice. The Vikings QB is news. And he might be it.

Favre is not news, if he does become the quarterback the players who attended all the mini-camps and headed over to Manny's for steaks, and Rick's for a nightcap with the local talent will be teammates. Favre will not be able to bring the good ol' general gist to a team that is a QB away from topping the NFC (at least on paper). He would bring a false display of camaraderie to a team already rich in talent and vets that will not put up with the 24 hour virtual reality show that is Brett Favre.

So, Mr. King please explain why this retired land baron mocks the media on a daily/weekly basis and my favorite team by placing non-stories with vague "sources" out there for Favre lapdogs like yourself to scoop up like freshly baked chocolate chip bars from mom's kitchen.

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